Why And How Can I Stop Using My Mobile Phone For A While

In today’s day and age, Smartphones are a boon to have. You can make calls, chat with loved ones, play games, listen to music, surf the world wide web, watch movies, access an ocean of apps, read and edit documents, pictures and everything else under the sun.

But, let’s face it, our overindulgence is making it a bane of our existence. It is slowly disconnecting us from our loved ones and the reality itself. It is this overindulgence which is also taking a serious toll on our health. It may not be possible and feasible to stop using a phone completely but, you can put aside some time when you would not be touching or looking at your phone.

Now, with a smartphone in hand (and in mind) it might be difficult for you to find an answer to how to stop using your phone. How about we use a smartphone app that can motivate us to control our smartphone addiction. Let’s take a perfect app well suited for the task – Social Fever: App Time Tracker.

Here are some other apps that can help you curb your smartphone usage.

What Is Social Fever?


Social Fever is an app that helps you defeat smartphone addiction while helping you reconnect with real life and in the process also helps you to manage time wisely. It is super easy to use with the most simple navigation. As you download the app from the Google Play Store and give the necessary permission, you will land on the page for Recommended app list to set a time limit for their usage. It has a very comprehensive summary of the details on phone usage and the tracking results accuracy makes it one of the best time management applications for Android users. It also supports the latest Android OS.

Why Should You Stop Using Your Phone?

And Things That Can Be Done To Control Smartphone Usage

We’d again like to reinstate that it may not be possible to shut off your phone completely. This title should resonate loudly in situations like the ones mentioned below. Then, you can think as if smartphones never existed!

1. Smartphones Lead To Reduced Conversations


Ever wondered why there are no heart-to-heart conversations these days? Why is there such a huge communication gap between people? Maybe not completely, but smartphones are to be blamed. After all, how can you expect to have a good conversation, when half the time your eyes are on your phone’s screen and your mind is expecting a ping or a call?

What Can Be Done?

When having a conversation, devote your entire time and mind to it. Make sure you invest your full attention to what the person/ people you are communicating with are saying. If possible, you can put your smartphone on silent mode and inform major callers that you are in a meeting.

Let’s say, there is a specific time in the evening on all days when you want to engage in heart-to-heart conversations with your family. Using Social Fever’s Quality Time module, you can assign a time when you’ll be reminded. At this time, you can put your smartphone on silent mode.

Quality Time

2. Blue Light Puts A Lot Of Stress On Your Eyes

Stress On Your Eyes

Blue light which smartphones emit interferes with our circadian rhythm and restrain the melatonin production in our body, especially when we use smartphones at night. Not just during the night, even when our retinas are exposed to the blue light of smartphones during the day, they take a lot of beating.

What Can Be Done

With Social Fever, you can assign a time limit after which the app would remind you to look away and relax your eyes. This can especially be beneficial during the day when you would be able to train yourself to look away from your smartphones from time to time. During the night, you can dim down the screen brightness, and just before going off to sleep, put your smartphone away.

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Eye Health

3. Increase In Vehicular Accidents

Vehicular Accidents

Whether you use a smartphone while driving a car or walk while peeping on your smartphone while walking in traffic, either way, you are putting your life and the life of others in jeopardy. According to a 2018 report, approximately 6,283 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic crashes. (source: https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/pedestrian-safety)

What Can Be Done

Apart from adhering to traffic rules, make sure that you do not use a smartphone at any cost either while walking in traffic or while driving. Should you need to pick up an urgent call or reply to an urgent text, make sure that you park your car on the safe side, stop your vehicle and then receive calls.

4. Even When You Have Free Time, You Don’t

Even during our free time, we keep ourselves so engrossed in our smartphones that our free time is not free. Ask yourselves, are you able to relax and completely utilize your free time when all you are doing is tapping or swiping your smartphone screen? No! Of course not!

What Can Be Done?

Imagine if you can put aside your smartphone, for at least when you are free. It could be some free time in the morning or evening. You can use Social Fever to select your fields of interest and then assign time when you would indulge with your chosen hobby or interest. It could be dancing, spending time with your furry friend, cooking your favorite meal, riding your bike, and whatnot.

5. Your Physical Health Takes A Lot Of Beating

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting for hours looking at your smartphones or constantly receiving and making calls or even replying to texts. We’ll make the picture even clearer for you. Your neck and back take a lot of strain when you always slouch and peep in your smartphones. Needless to say, since you don’t have much movement throughout the day, you even develop a paunch too. To add on, the term “text claw” was coined, which signified the position in which we use our smartphones. This position causes tendon issues and inflammation.

What Can Be Done?

Consciously reduce your smartphone usage and when not needed, just put your phone down. The world won’t end for you if you don’t have a smartphone in your hand for some time.

6. Excessive Use Of Smartphones Causes A Lot Of Stress


A recent study at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21281471/) found that high smartphone usage leads to depression, insomnia, anxiety, and impulsivity in both men and women. And, it’s not only when you are looking at your smartphone, but also these issues even surface when you look away from your smartphones. A similar study was also conducted by Korea University, Seoul (South Korea) (Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171130090041.htm)

Let The Smartphone’s Not Control You!

Through this blog, we have tried to enlist some of the core reasons why you should stop looking at your phone, even if it is for a while. We hope that this blog helped you if you had been wondering how to stop using phones so much that you can regain awareness of reality or if you were looking at ways to stop using your phone for a healthier life. If it did, do share it with your loved ones and the people you care for. Follow us on social media –  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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