Gift Yourself White Noise Apps For Relaxed Mind & Sound Sleep!

Have you been stressed out for a long time? Long office hours, hampered personal relations, unhealthy habits, or work overload may have shaken up the heads and you must be looking for some help. If this is the case, we can be your friend at the moment and suggest some white noise apps for your mobile phone. Yes, we would say that we should take some time away from everything, be it family, social media, or binge-watch television to curb the negative thoughts.

Before moving ahead, let’s just tell you what is white noise and why it can be considered an effective tool for relaxation.

What Is White Noise?

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A mixture of various frequencies with the same intensity compiles white noise and it can equally be distributed over the whole hearing range.

This noise is also applicable in various fields like music, computing, acoustics, electronic engineering, and even work environments to improve cognitive functioning. Interestingly, it is also used to treat Hyperacusis in healthcare to calm the intensity of environmental surroundings.

Similar to the white color of a prism, white noise is quite bright in nature. Some people even go for pink noise or pink noise apps as it can cover up the high frequencies and make the white noise subtler.

So, you can enjoy the effects of this good noise using the best white noise apps on your mobile device.

Best White Noise Apps

1. White Noise Lite

All those who have trouble sleeping at night or their mind is still searching for something which delays the sleep, this could be a great noise sleep app for them. It contains more than 40 sound catalogs with pink noise, brown noise, mechanical sounds, light to heavy rains, beach waves, etc. to pick from.

White Noise Ambience Lite

Special Features:

  • It helps you sleep by blocking distractions, pacifying crying babies, and even soothes headaches.
  • Your night will go smooth with the full-screen digital clock having brightness controls.
  • Advanced alarm and timer are present so the noise can slowly fade out with time.

Download: Android | iPhone

2. White Noise Ambience Lite

Loaded up with 40 retina images, 40 types of sound loop and different styles of digital clock, this sleep sound app is one of the best white noise apps. You can make your own library or playlist as well and keep them handy for every night. The type of sounds you get to hear include train ride, thunderstorm, rain on the umbrella, country meadow, and many more.

White Noise Ambience Lite

Special Features:

  • No worries as this white noise app is completely free of ads.
  • Enjoy pink, noise, brown noise, blue noise, and purple noise as well and experience the ones you like.
  • Make mixes of your favorite sounds and personalize them according to your own will.

Download: Android | iPhone

3. Noise Generator

Noise Generator counts in the list of best white noise app for sure considering the customization of noise by using low or high-cut filters. You can enjoy your sleep by removing distractions, stress and increasing focus for your privacy.

Noise Generator

Special Features:

  • Get white, pink, blue noise as well and this is why you can also consider it as a pink noise app.
  • It can soothe headaches and migraines to a great extent.

Download: Android

4. White Noise Market

How about joining a community that is made up of people using White Noise Market? Yes, you can share your existing mixtapes with other people, discover more tracks and download them all for free. Most popular sounds include tent rain, box fan, waterfall, river rapids, bamboo wind chimes, lawnmower, and many more that simply soothe mind and heart.

White Noise Market

Special Features:

  • Make new friends here, share and post comments on each other’s profiles.
  • A widget can be enabled to show the three most featured sounds for now.
  • Its market Premium feature comes with various other additions like ad-free experience, record & upload without limits, and earn points quickly.

Download: Android | iPhone

5. Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

This sleep noise app proved to be great for many for some time now along with quality and happiness. Interestingly, it has been featured on many platforms like ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street, etc. What is great about this app is the support of high-quality ambient sound, sleep-enhancer, and creation of a relaxed environment around you.

Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

Special Features:

  • 300,000 combos of sleep sound mix are available within the app.
  • Sleep timer and alarm clock are present that slowly fade away to keep you going.
  • This sleep sound app runs even when the device is locked.

Download: iPhone

Tip: We Care For You!

Most people have now begun to experience sleeplessness because of excess use of mobile phones and social media usage.

Here, we want to add a smart tip so that you can save yourself from social media addiction. It can be done using Social Fever, indeed.

Social Fever

This smart app will take control of your social media usage and will ask you to do better activities like taking a dog out for a walk, cooking your favorites, etc. rather than sticking on your phone. You can set the Sleep time and it will put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode to help you get a distraction-free sleeping time. It is great for the health benefits it offers such as water reminders, limited phone screen time, and earphones usage reminders. Get it now from the download button given below for your Android device. It is also available for the latest Android OS.


Come back to a peaceful and happy way of living life with these white noise apps. We believe you will be able to get rid of the stress and tensions of your life soon and get back on track and have amazing sleep by the end of the day.

Apart from these best white noise apps, you can check out these blogs for the betterment of life.

Install any of the above sleep sound apps and begin with a fresh day tomorrow. If you wish to ask us questions, share any feedback or any experience, we are happy to take them in the comment section below.  And for more fresh tech updates, tricks, solutions, follow WeTheGeek on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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