What’s New In iOS 13.3 Version

With the iOS13 upgrade in September, there have been a series of updates with the introduction of features, bug fixes and improvements.  iOS 13.3 has been released on 10th December 2019 and along with it, a lot of features have been introduced along with the bug fixes and improvements.

If you are the one to be using the iOS devices which are compatible with the upgrade, download the latest update now. To get the latest iOS version for iPhone, locate Settings app->General-> Software Update device. It will check for updates and you will see the latest version, i.e, iOS 13.3 available to download and install.

Coming to the features introduced, there has been a lot of changes introduced along with the new features. Let’s see what are they:

1. Communication Limits: This is an addition to the parental control features as it will help you limit the usage on certain apps on your iOS device. The communication limit will be applied to FaceTime, Phone, Messages. This will give you two options – iCloud contacts and phone contacts for restricting the communication during Screen Time. The children won’t be able to send/make or receive texts or calls if you opted for iCloud contacts. This will grant more safety to the underage as the contacts are filtered and it can be tracked.

Custom Parental control iOS 13.3

2. Back and forth buttons: The Apple News has another update with the latest iOS version for switching between the news articles. The Next button has been replaced by Back and forth button for the News Stories. This is a much easier way to keep shifting between the News articles. This feature also works in the stocks app. Few northern states of the US will be able to see the Stories in both English and French.

3. Connected Mouse: Hot corners options, just like Mac, can be now seen on your iPhone. While using a connected mouse, you just need to tap on a corner and the assigned task will be put into action.

4. Like/ Dislike Apple News: Apple News app has brought back the feature for showing your opinion on the posts. This was a feature which was available before iOS 12.2 version. You can select the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to like or dislike the posts shown in the Newsfeed.

5. Disable Memoji Stickers: With the latest iOS version, you are allowed to disable the Memoji stickers on the keyboard. If it is not something you like to see, every time you open your emoji panel on the keyboard, disable it. Although it stays available on the app drawer, by disabling, it just gets removed from the frequently used section.

Memoji iOS 13.3

6. Fallback Action: This will help you perform one out of two tasks assigned after dwelling on what is more important. You can Pause dwelling temporarily with the options to tap on the display screen. It works with the Assistive Touch.

Fallback feature iOS 13.3

7. Layout of Apple News+: All the subscribers to Apple News+ will be pleased to know that they will now see a new layout. You can see that the newest iOS version brings the Apple News+ stories to a new form.

8. Hold & drag option: This feature will relieve you from actually performing the action of holding and dragging something on the screen. This again works with the connected mouse and another important addition from the iOS 13.3.

9. Custom Gestures: The new features added to it will be applied to both connected mouse and the AssistiveTouch. If you are using single tap, double-tap or long-press gestures, you will see the scroll gestures. These will help you scroll in the left or right direction. More on it can be seen with the custom gestures which appear in Dwell controls for customizing the taps or buttons.

custom gestures iOS 13.3

10. NFC, USB, Lightning Security Keys: With iOS 13.3, Safari settings are improved for those who use NFC, USB or lightning keys. You can safely log into your password-protected accounts.

11. Save video as a new clip: The option of saving an edited video as new is something which is reintroduced to iOS devices with iOS13.3. The feature used to exist earlier but that was removed in other updates. Then a current version of the video will be saved and original gets removed. Now you can save them both on your iPhone.

12. Added AirPods Pro icon: As AirPods Pro are different in shape from the AirPods, they are now identified from the new icon given to them in the ‘Find My’ app. It is a welcome change as now it is easier to differentiate between the type of AirPods connected to one device.

13. Changes in Apple Music App: The first change you will be noticing is ‘View Album’ has been converted to “Show Album”.  Another will be the icons appears different as they are now replaced in the iOS 13.3 version.

14. Fixed Bugs: Major drawback of apps reloading on multitasking with iOS 13.2 has been fixed with the release of iOS13.3. The patch was released to curb the bug for multitasking.

15. Updated Watch Icon: This includes a new icon for Apple Watch. It is another of the changes with the latest iOS version for iPhone.

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the major changes which will hopefully bring help to Apple users. If you have not yet updated to the latest iOS version, check for the features in the post to compare. Later you can get iOS 13.3 version on your iPhone and enjoy the new features.

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