What’s New In iOS 13.2 Update For Siri

With the official entry of Dark mode with iOS 13, Apple brought many important changes. You can experience all these if you are using an iPhone 6S or above model. Apple has been introducing a lot of changes since and with 13.2 version, a handful features including security, privacy and more control on Siri, the Apple’s voice assistant were added.

Along with giving it more of natural touch, Siri update brings you a better connection with the AirPods. Making it worth the use with the shortcuts to implement to read messages. This seems to be an attempt of Apple to compensate for the invasion of privacy, wherein Siri accidentally picked up conversations.

How To Delete Siri History?

It is important to keep your data safe on your phone. Earlier it was reported by many Apple users that Siri has been collecting data. This made a few people hesitant of using the voice assistant, which is now curbed with the new update in iOS 13., i.e., 13.2

Let’s start with the update which has been a new development in this area. Siri has been updated with new gestures and settings. You can not give permission to let it record your audio or not as per your choice. The selection can be made in the phone settings. If you have already made a selection in a hurry and want to undo that, you are allowed to do so.

First, we learn how to delete History for Siri on your iPhone. To perform the action follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Head to the Settings app, and look for Siri & Search.

How To Delete Siri History step-2

Tap on it to find more options related to Siri.

Step 2: Siri & Search section contains information about it. The commands to turn it on while the phone is locked or not. Select the Siri & Dictation History, to check out the history section.

How To Delete Siri History step-2

Step 3: In this section, you will see the option to remove the history from your iPhone. Tap on Delete Siri & Dictation History.

Note that the history deleted is for this iPhone and the history recorded on it by the Apple servers is deleted.

How To Delete Siri History step-3

Under the heading, you will see the link to a section which informs about what data is recorded and how it is used to make your service with Siri better. This is the simple method to delete Siri history from your iPhone.

Once you click on it, a message is prompted to take your confirmation for deleting all history for Siri. Click on Delete Siri & Dictation History from the message. Now you will get a notification which says the request is received and the process will take time.

Siri iOS 13 Updates :

  • Opt-out of Siri Recording You:

Changes to the power given Siri to record your audios. If you have given permission to your device while the system was updated. It is easier to go reverse on this process. Just follow the simple steps of instructions.

Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Privacy.

Siri iOS 13 Updates step-1

Step 2: Here in the Privacy section, you need to scroll down and tap on Analytics & Improvements.

Siri iOS 13 Updates step-2

Step 3: Under the section Analytics & improvements, you are going to see all the options for making changes to your iPhone.

Siri iOS 13 Updates step-3

As you can see, everything is turned off here. To enhance the audio response for your iPhone, you need to turn on Improve Siri & dictation. Toggle the button in the settings given in front of it. You can also view more detailed information on the link given below in the section. This will be used to improve the hearing ability for Siri and thus increases the command implementation.

Siri iOS 13 Updates step-4

  • Announce Messages with Siri:

Now, it is easier to get a message read aloud by Siri while wearing AirPods. But there’s a certain device limit to it, as currently it only works with AirPods (2nd generation), and newly launched, AirPods Pro.

To use it Go to Settings app and head to Siri & Search. Thereafter go to Announce Messages. Under this section toggle the switch to turn on Announce messages with Siri. To select the Messages app to enable Siri to read the messages without prompt.


Swipe down the Control Centre and select the option to turn it on from the option given. It is a quick way to enable or disable access to Announce messages. It is another of the useful Siri update from iOS 13.2 version.

Wrapping up:

Here we learn some of the important features of Siri iOS 13 update. Apple moved further with regaining the trust of the users by letting them opt out of recording voice. With these Siri updates, you are sure to get your voice assistant to work on a more frequent basis. In this new Siri iOS 13 updated iPhone, you get to hear more natural voice. Apple has also improved the connection with AirPods.

Please let us know about which methods you have tried and that worked for you and share in the comments section below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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