What Is Twitter Audit & How To Download Your Twitter Audit Report


If you plan to include Twitter in your 2020 marketing strategy, Now is the time to consider conducting your Twitter Audit!

Gauging your followers’ list once in a while is an excellent way to know who you follow. Last year, Twitter removed more than 70 million fake accounts to cleanse the micro-blogging platform. Even then, there’s a reasonable probability that you might be following fake/bots/spam Twitter accounts. Having inactive followers doesn’t add much value to your profile, so you should better be focusing on actually growing your following list by attracting & retaining genuine followers.

What Exactly Is Twitter Audit?

A Twitter Audit is a diagnostic process to analyze how your account is performing. It will assess a variety of aspects of your social media profile and identify the ones that need immediate improvement. Well, conducting a Twitter Audit might not be a worthy effort for personal profiles but practically necessary for business accounts.

If you have a decent understanding of your target audience & what performs well to be successful in the Twitter-sphere, processing a Twitter Audit can undoubtedly help you grow your account using valuable insights.

A Good Twitter Audit Should Involve Following Answers:

  1. Who is your Target Audience?
  2. Types of Content Posted on Twitter
  3. Type of Content your Audience is Getting Engaged with Most
  4. Are you Posting Consistently?
  5. Active times when your Audience is Available
  6. What can we do to Improve the Twitter presence

Eventually, a Twitter Audit should cover two aspects, traditional metrics (efforts driving results) and General Sentiment (how your audience is interacting with your page).

Here’s a pretty much gist of How Twitter Audit is Conducted:

How Twitter Audit is Conducted

How To Conduct Twitter Audit & Create Your Twitter Audit Report?

If you’ve decided to take your Twitter account to the next level with Twitter auditing, then, here is how you have to strategize the process.

STEP 1- Gather Complete Twitter Data to Conduct Twitter Audit

To do so, follow the instructions carefully:

  • Log into your Twitter account > Go to Analytics.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new tab, where you can have a look at the aggregate data. It includes information like tweets, audience, videos, conversion tracking, events & so on.
  • From the Tweets section, you can have a complete breakdown of your activities. Hit the Export button & choose the date range to download the required Twitter data.
  • Now, you have complete data on Engagement rate, Profile clicks, Follows, URL Clicks & so on.

STEP 2- Create a Twitter Audit Document to Put the Gathered Data

Drafting a separate sheet to put your Twitter account’s data will help you in tracking your metrics side by side for an extended period.

  • Using Google Sheets for the purpose can be an effective way to do that.
  • Just copy & paste the exported Twitter data to Google Sheets and maintain new pages for each month’s metrics.
  • Having separate sheets would undoubtedly help you to determine the performance of each month, & you’ll be able to evaluate which content performed the best.

STEP 3- Find your Twitter Audience’s Demographics

A Twitter Audit is meant to focus on audience insights. This would help you strategize the relatable content for your audience.

  • Head towards the ‘Audience’ tab to observe a further breakdown of your Target Audience.
  • While there’s a lot of information to consume, you have to focus on data that is helpful for your business.
  • For instance, if you observe an excellent followers’ count on a specific day, filter out & check what you tweeted that day. Similarly, if you see a set of adverse reactions, observe what is needed to be rectified.
  • Reaching the Audience tab will also help you analyze where your followers are located. You can observe if your content is engaging with regional or global audiences.

STEP 4- Time to Audit your Tweets

After all this, it’s time to go through the quality of your tweets. Don’t worry; you don’t have to read all your tweets one by one. Here are certain things you have to keep in mind while Twitter Auditing.

Consider deleting old & embarrassing tweets

–  There are plenty of tools in the market that allows users to delete tweets in bulk like TweetDelete & TweetDeleter.

Observe how your tweets are performing

–  There are several Twitter Analytics tools like Brnadwatch & Hootsuite, in the market that allows users to track posts based on impressions, retweets & maximum engagement rate. From here, you can start analyzing what kind of content you should tweet the most.

STEP 5- Make Use of Google Analytics

Ultimately, you have Google Analytics, a great tool for Twitter Audit. It directly picks up traffic from your Twitter account on its own. Additionally, via Google’s campaign, you can quickly determine the traffic achieved from organic & inorganic sources.

How To Download Twitter Audit Report With Twitter Analysis Tools?

There are plenty of tools in the market that can certainly help users to understand what works for their brand & competitors. Some of the tools can even help you to audit someone else.

  1. Vaizle’s Free Twitter Audit Tool
  2. Twitter Audit
  3. Socialert
  4. Crowdbabble Twitter Analytics
  5. Circleboom

Using the combination of these Twitter Audit Tools, you can significantly improve your engagement and target genuine and real followers. Once you are done cleaning your Twitter account & unfollowing fake accounts, you can maintain a Twitter Audit Report for future market strategy development.

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