What Is ALCMTR.EXE? Is It A Malicious Process?

Most Windows processes can be identified by the software or feature they are used for. But, occasionally, you might notice a running process you are unfamiliar with. Such a process is typically ALCMTR.exe. Here are some details about the ALCMTR process, the software that generates it, and how to get rid of it if it’s no longer needed.

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A part of the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver is the ALCMTR.exe process. It is specifically an event monitor for your Windows PC’s audio hardware and applications. When an unexpected event with the audio software is found, it searches for it and transmits Realtek diagnostic data. To create future software updates and repairs, the organization can gather information on problems.

Manufacturers of motherboards, particularly those that use Intel motherboards, frequently include Realtek audio components. Hence, even if your computer doesn’t have a standalone Realtek PCIe sound card installed, you could still run into the ALCMTR.exe procedure. Depending on the Realtek driver version you have installed, ALCMTR.exe may also be referred to as ALCXMNTR.exe. The functionality of both versions is the same.

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Is ALCXMNTR.exe A Malicious Process?


In general, this Windows process is secure as long as it uses an authentic event monitor. It doesn’t consume many system resources and spends most of the time inactive on the process list. Malware can conceal itself by assuming the name of nearly any Windows process. It may indicate infection if you see the ALCMTR.exe process using the CPU or RAM for lengthy periods.

The authentic file must be located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, where Windows keeps its system files. If you discover it in C:\Program Files or any other folder, it should be scanned with your antivirus program. Right-click any process in the Task Manager and click on Open File Location to identify the location of the process file.

Yet, even though the authentic ALCMTR.exe is secure, it is in charge of gathering and delivering user data. Because of this, certain antivirus software and Windows users occasionally classify it as spyware.

Can You Delete ALCMTR.EXE?

The removal of ALCMTR.exe from Windows is not known to cause any issues. The system and audio performance are unaffected by removing the event monitor. After installation, the Realtek software’s event monitor component will be added to the Startup applications. The procedure can be stopped by disabling it in Settings -> Apps & Features -> Startup.

To get rid of the event monitor, you can also delete the ALCMTR.exe file. In Task Manager, find the process, right-click it, and then choose Open File Location. The.exe file can then be deleted by selecting it.

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Your Thoughts On What Is ALCMTR.EXE? Is It A Malicious Process?

For security and performance, it may be vital to recognize and comprehend the active processes on your Windows computer. Fortunately, ALCMTR.exe is typically secure. But, you may easily disable or eliminate the Windows process without impacting the system or audio performance if you’d rather not transmit event data.

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