What Are Digital Rights? Why They Matter and Everything to Know!

Technology enables us to work every minute of every day from any place on the planet” ~ Carl Honore

As die-hard millennials of this digital generation, the Internet is undoubtedly one of our prime necessities for survival. Our entire life is now online, from shopping to socializing, to accomplishing our day-to-day tasks. Technology touches almost all major aspects and spheres of our lives.

Internet is one humungous platform that allows us to do almost anything. From sharing our ideas, meeting new opportunities, accessing any piece of information to everything that’s part of our imagination, the Internet is a vital tool that helps us through. Even saying that almost half the population of the planet is online right now is a fact that wouldn’t surprise you at all.

Moving on, have you heard of the term “Digital Rights”? Well, yes, that’s a real thing. Digital Rights are particularly about freedom of expression and rights to privacy. Let’s understand more about Digital Rights in a little more depth.

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What are Digital Rights?

Digital Rights
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 Just how important human rights are for us, in the same way, being aware of your digital rights, is equally important. And especially in today’s Internet era, where cybercrimes are emerging at a rapid rate, knowing about your digital rights is a must. Yes, they do vary from country to country, but the prime idea stays pretty much the same. Digital Rights offers you access and right to control your data and follows a prime objective of protecting your privacy whether you’re online or offline.

We do realize that data is everything. Our entire life is conducted online; hence it becomes our prime job to keep our data well-protected and secure. We invest the utmost amount of trust in tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft or any other web services that these corporations are fairly managing our data. Also, we hope deep down our heart that this data won’t be mishandled or shared with anyone without our consent, right?

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Fight for Your Digital Rights!

Fight for Your Digital Rights
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Digital Rights offers you the right to freely share, right to access information, right to protect one’s privacy or everything that you do or aim to do rightly in this digital environment. Under no circumstances or situations, anyone’s privacy should be invaded at any cost.

Let’s understand this with the help of a fair example. How would you feel if somebody enters your house without your consent? Or if your neighbor starts spying you? The moment that intruder crosses the line, you will report this instance and call the police, right?

In the same way, gaining unauthorized access to anyone’s digital life is equally punishable. Just like Hacking, Identity theft, or any other cybercrime that violates your privacy, when they try to get hold of your personal information.

Prepared to Fight Back
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Be Prepared to Fight Back

Don’t we all get a bit skeptical about whom to trust with our data? In this rapidly changing world, it becomes crucial to know how our data is being dealt with by the companies, social media accounts, and other web parties. Our digital rights should be protected in all possible ways, and the government should take strict actions against any such violation attempt.

So, let’s take a pledge and not just stay blinded about digital security. The more we get aware of digital rights, the more we can be prepared to fight back against cyber violations. To be a part of this movement, you can also join the IO Foundation to protect your rights and raise awareness on Digital Rights among the majority.

It’s never too late, as they say!


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    Thank you so much for the whole insight of Digital rights & IO Foundation link, Rimzhim. It’s never too late.

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