5 Ways to Deal with Slow Streaming Issues

Innovation and technological advancements have expanded in almost all horizons. Gone are those days when we had to rush on the terrace to fix the satellite TV signal. Now we can enjoy our favorite movies and shows on any device—thanks to online streaming services. A plethora of online streaming services haveemerged over the last couple of years, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, Disney+, Hulu and many more.

common streaming issues
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When we’re enjoying watching our favorite content online, there’s nothing more annoying than experiencing slow buffering. As soon as the video quality drops, we snap (story of every cinephile ever). Struggling with streaming issues is nothing but a hindrance, which we don’t wish to deal with, right? We surely cannot live without online streaming services, so here are some most common streaming issues along with their quick fixes that will allow you deal with all streaming related troubles and make the most of your entertainment sessions.

Reset Device
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Let’s get started.

How to Deal with Slow Streaming Issues

Reset Device

Yes, the same old trick that has saved us every time, the moment anything goes wrong. If you’re experiencing any kind of buffering issues, while streaming online, pause the content and exit the app, and then restart the device (Television, smartphone or laptop) on which you were viewing.

Also, as an added measure, you can also try resetting your home’s Wi-Fi network to see, if it improves the streaming quality.

Check Internet Speed

Check Internet Speed
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 If you’re viewing content on a mobile device or laptop, then you can start off by checking the current Internet speed on your network connection. Head on to Google, type speed test and hit enter. Pick any website to check your network’s speed to assess, if there’s an issue with the Wi-Fi or mobile data pack. To stream in high quality, you require a minimum speed of approx. 15 MB per second for buffering HD content.

Limit the Number of Connected Devices

Almost all of our gadgets and appliances are connected to our home’s Wi-Fi network, right? You may not realize it, but roughly 7-8 devices are always connected to your Wi-Fi, be it all your family member’s phone, smart TV, coffee maker, video doorbell and more. So, in a situation like this, it can give rise to a possibility that your smart TV or phone or any device on which you’re viewing content might not get enough bandwidth from the Internet connection. To avoid this, you can try disconnecting all other devices from your Wi-Fi, and only connect one device at a time to check if it solves the slow buffering issue.

Switch the Video Quality

Switch the Video Quality

No matter which streaming service you use, it always offers an option to pick the streaming speed which includes: High, Medium and Low. So, next time, whenever you’re facing slow streaming or buffering issues, try switching the speed and change the current setting. If you’re streaming in high quality then switch to low, let the playback run for a while and then again revert back to the original setting. This is a useful hack that can considerably improve the streaming quality of your content.

Try a Different Streaming Service

Try a Different Streaming Service
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 If the above-mentioned steps didn’t work out too well for you, then there may be some server related issues from the streaming service’s end. You can either contact their support team to get the issue fixed or switch to an alternative streaming service in the meanwhile.

Here were some of the most common streaming issues, along with the quick fixes that can resolve slow streaming issues within no time!

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