YouTube Music VS Spotify: Which is a Better Music Streaming Service?

What will your answer be if we ask you “Which is the best music streaming service you ever used?”. Well, some may say Spotify instantly and some might stay numb in silence thinking of all the possible options. Looks like, the competition is about to get tougher as a lot of other music streaming services are joining the league. Although Spotify can still be crowned as the best music streaming service, there are still a few newbie options that may have definite potential.

We’re all aware of YouTube, right? When we first hear the term YouTube, we usually relate it to watching online videos, isn’t it? As YouTube is a strong brand power, they also upped their game by releasing an online music streaming service known as YouTube Music a few years back. And recently, both these services, Spotify and YouTube Music have been released in India and is expected to hit a huge audience user base in one go. This might affect their current popularity, ranking on charts and a lot of other factors too. Spotify may be #1 (yet) but you never know what time has to tell, right?

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So, if we ask you to pick between YouTube Music VS Spotify which one would you chose? Confused? Don’t worry! Here are a few points that will help you decide which music streaming app you should get for yourself.

Music Library Collection

No doubt Spotify is said to be the king of online music streaming services! It has a wide music library collection which includes more than 30 million soundtracks. You can’t mess with the numbers, eh?

Music Library Collection
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On the other hand, YouTube Music features more of record labels, live concert audios, fan covers, remixes, compilations and everything in between which adds as a plus point.

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User Interface

Agree or not, but the user interface is the first things that catches one’s attention, no matter which app you use. Spotify comes with a clean standard user interface which is simple to use and easily puts everything right on its place so that you can easily search for your favorite songs without any hassle. It is number #1 for a reason—undoubtedly!

User Interface
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YouTube Music’s revamped app design, look and feel might be good but it cannot be tagged as “Perfect”. It really has to have something extra in order to compete with the king of streaming services. Any unique feature that sets it apart from Spotify or Apple Music, would help this service make its way in user’s hearts.

Song Suggestions

Spotify is exclusively designed in a way to offer us the best online music based on our likes and preferences. The app’s advanced algorithms work seamlessly well in a way to offer us the best music experience on board.

Song Suggestions

Talking about YouTube Music, here the approach is a bit different. One is Your Mixtape category that features all diverse music platforms. And Offline Mixtape uses Your Mixtape and generates new song suggestions based on our song preferences.


Both Spotify and YouTube are available on cross-platforms including web, iOS, and Android. Spotify and YouTube music are one of the biggest brand names when it comes to music streaming and serving millions of users across the globe. But if we specifically talk about number then Spotify sure does have a strong user base as its serving in more than 60 countries whereas YouTube Music is just available in 17 countries as of now.

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Both these renowned music streaming services are available in paid and free versions. Although, if you want to upgrade your Spotify account to Spotify Premium then you have to pay a price of roughly 9.99$ for a month. You can also be a smart consumer and buy a combo pack of 12.99$ a month that will offer you both Spotify as well as Hulu subscriptions.


YouTube Music Premium, on the other hand, comes with a similar price range of 9.99$ a month which will offer you an ad-free version and offline playback options as well.

So, Who Wins the Battle?

It’s a clear win for Spotify folks! It is no doubt the #1 music streaming services available out there. No matter how many contenders may come and go to fight this race, Spotify will always rock the charts. YouTube might be our favorite destination for watching online videos but when it comes to music, Spotify will always be the king of thrones. Do we hope this comparison on YouTube Music VS Spotify gave you clearer thoughts on the same?

For any other queries or feedback, feel free to ping us!

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