6 Useful Tips to Use Public Wi-Fi Network Safely

Whether it’s food or Wi-Fi, we all love it when it comes for free, right! Well, another reason which stays common between food and Wi-Fi is the fact it has become more of a prime survival instinct that we most certainly need to get through the day. Also, because of this fact, Wi-Fi is now made available at most common locations like Airport, cafes, subways, and others and not just confined to your home’s environment. How great is that, isn’t it? But before you connect your device to any such network for using Internet on the go without spending an extra penny, in this post we’ve covered a few public Wi-Fi security tips that will help you to stay safe and not sabotage your privacy at any cost.

But before we discuss this list of the do’s and don’ts of using public Wi-Fi, let’s take a quick look at how public Wi-Fi can prove out to be dangerous compared to home networks.

Why Using Public Wi-Fi Networks is Not Considered Safe?

As you may have heard this several times, there are a lot of cyber-criminal activities taking place around us where hackers try to invade into our private lives and can do almost anything to make that possible by hook or crook. So, when you’re using an open Wi-Fi network at a public location, it gives hackers an extra edge to scrutinize your privacy and steal your personal information. As there’s no strong security protocol being followed at public locations, it gives a ready-made access point to hackers to steal our identity like a cakewalk.

6 Public Wi-Fi Security Tips to Avoid Hackers

Internet is everything, especially for this millennial generation but at the same time, we have to keep in mind that security is an important concern too! With the help of these public Wi-Fi security tips, you can inherently secure your privacy while accessing the Internet at a public network.

Look for Signs of Suspicion

Look for Signs of Suspicion
Image Source: Techtonika

If you don’t believe in your gut feeling, be extra cautious and start examining and scanning for signs of suspicions. In most cases, you can always find a loophole around you whether the Wi-Fi network is legitimate or insecure. So, before you get trapped into hacker’s vicious schemes, try to up your guard and act smart to keep your online privacy intact.

Avoid Making Online Transactions

Till the time you’re listening to songs or watching a couple of videos on YouTube to keep you entertained while using a public Wi-Fi network, that’s pretty fine. But to avoid any risk, make sure you don’t indulge yourself into making online transactions on an open network. No matter whatever move you make online, each and every activity is recorded. Online transactions require your personal information and your bank details as well, so avoid indulging into any such activity and prefer doing it at home instead while using a secure network.

Protect All Your Devices

Be it your smartphone, laptop or tablet, almost every device on which you can access Internet need to be protected. All these devices are prone to be attacked. So, just because you’re getting free Internet, don’t connect all your devices at once to an open Wi-Fi network, as it will increase the chances of your privacy being exploited.

Limit Data Sharing

Limit Data Sharing
Image Source: The Economic Times

When you’re accessing the Internet at a public location like Airport, Subway or a café on an open Wi-Fi network, try to limit the data sharing during that time. Limit sharing of data between other devices, and also keep the location and Bluetooth settings turned off.

Install an Anti-malware Security Solution

Install an Anti-malware Security Solution

Another important step that you can take to add an extra layer of security is to install a firewall or an anti-malware security suite on your devices. So, next time when you’re using an open Wi-Fi network at a public location, make sure you’re well loaded with an anti-malware app.

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We hope you liked our post comprising public Wi-Fi security tips to safeguard your privacy. Security is a crucial concern and one should understand the risk of using the Internet at public Wi-Fi spots. These tips will help you to stay safe and minimize the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals.

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