Useful Chrome Flags For a Better Browsing Experience

What Are Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are a set of experimental features. They are not inbuilt as direct features as they are still in testing phase. Despite that, some of these feature works very well. We have listed a few features in this article which will make your browsing experience better.

As mentioned, these features are still in testing phase and may not work properly. However, you can enable these features any time by visiting chrome://flags on your chrome browser.

When you visit chrome://flags you will see a warning on top:

“WARNING These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on and your browser may even spontaneously combust. Jokes aside, your browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways. Any experiments you enable will be enabled for all users of this browser. Please proceed with caution.”

Keeping in consideration the warning, we have shortlisted some useful features that may work well in creating a smooth browsing experience.

1. Reader Mode Triggering

Reader Mode triggering removes ads and other unwanted pop-ups, which cause distraction while browsing Internet.
The web page has only texts and images. This will help you read without any irritating ads.
Reader Mode triggering

2. Scroll Anchoring

This feature prevents annoying page jumps which users often encounter while browsing. This occurs generally due to slow internet connection and functionality, which enables to load some content after some time.

With Scroll Anchoring enabled, you will encounter no page jumps and not face the problem of unwanted clicking. A relief to many, the user will not be redirected to different page. Know more about scroll anchoring here.

Scroll Anchoring

3. Chrome Home

Browsing Internet on large screen smartphones can be difficult as the address bar is always on the top, and users find it difficult to access it.

This feature enables the users to move address bar to the bottom. This will help users to browse Internet in an easier way on Chrome browser. Know more about Chrome Home here

Chrome Home

4. The Pull-to-Refresh Effect

As the name suggest, this feature will enable the users to enable and disable page reloads triggered by vertically over scrolling the webpage.
This feature is enabled by default, which allows users to refresh a webpage by vertically over scrolling it. After disabling it, you will not encounter page refresh while over scrolling a web page.

The pull-to-refresh effect

5. Switch To An Existing Tab For New Tab Page Suggestions

When browsing internet on our smartphones we all have encountered the problem where while opening multiple webpages it is noticed that the recently opened tab is opened. Enable this feature to transport to the tab which is already opened. This will save time and data by opening switching to the tab which is already opened.

Switch to an existing tab for New Tab Page suggestions
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Google offers different Flags to tweak its Chrome browser features, these settings will let user browse internet hassle free. However, these features are still in experimental phase and may break the working of your browser. In such a case, you can easily clear data of Chrome browser, this will enable you to start from scratch.

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