Upcoming Sci-Fi Games Guaranteed to End in Nerdgasms

Video games with Sci-Fi theme is very popular and gaming giants have been creating games with a sci-fi setting for very long time. Sci-Fi game genre appears as very popular and these types of games are loved by everyone especially both gamers and sci-fi fans.

So, to cater such ‘Nerds’, we have created a list of upcoming Sci-Fi games that you should not miss in the future.


Final Fantasy VII Remake:

Final Fantasy VII Remake
source: ffvii-remake.square-enix.com

It is upcoming action adventure role playing Sci-Fi game. It is developed by Square Enix and It will be an exclusive for PS4 title. As the name implies it is a remake of the original Final Fantasy

You will play as a Cloud Strife, who is a mercenary working with terrorist group in order to stop an evil corporation Shinra from destroying the planet and his home.

This series is a long awaited one and will have entirely different gameplay than the original. Let’s just see when it is going to be released.

Detroit: Become Human:

Detroit- Become Human
source: playstation.com

This game is set in the near future where humans and machines work together. Story revolves around a female android who tries free other androids from servitude. You will have to control the Kara a female android and your actions and choices will change the course of the game.


Crackdown 3:

Crackdown 3
source: crackdown.com

You will become the agent of justice in this sandbox Sci-Fi game which is set in the futuristic action world. You will find different gangs in the city and you must clean your city from them. Most items in the game can be destroyed, this will make your open world gaming experience a different one.


The Last Night:

The Last Night
Source: oddtales.net

This game narrates the life of the person living in the lower-class society. The main character in this game is called Charlie. Throughout the game, Charlie must make life threatening decisions that will change the course of the human history. The game branches into different paths and will change based on player’s in-game decisions, making this a wholesome sci-fi experience.


Source: ea.com

An upcoming action adventure game, it is a third person shooter. The players will take the role of one of the person of a group who will travel in space in order to explore. Players will be able to fully customize their exoskeleton and weapons which will help them to increase player’s ability in the game.
It was first scheduled to release in 2018, however its release date is changed from 2018 to early 2019.

Beyond Good & Evil 2:

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Source: ubisoft.com

It is an open world action adventure game in which players will play in a third person view. During the gameplay player should complete different tasks which will improve different characteristics and during the whole course of the game players will acquire different planes and weapons. Players can play in single player environment as well as cooperative gameplay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Marvel Spider-Man
Image Source: playstation.com

Friendly neighborhood superhero is back with all his web slinging. It is open world game in which you play as Spiderman. Fight the villains and save your city using super human strength and spider web. Main character in this game Peter Parker will deal with two lives simultaneously one as a simple human and other as super human. Traverse your city using web and parkour and find the enemy that are hiding. You will see the different changes in this game from its earlier iterations.

These games are long awaited amongst the gamers around the world. Sci-Fi games are standalone its own, they acquire significant amount of market revenue. We have created the list taking most anticipated games, if you think it can be improved then please let us know in the comments section.

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