Off-beat Sci-Fi Games That are Timeless

For an industry that likes to drown itself in science fiction, there’s certainly no dearth of good sci-fi games to play. However, with tons of game titles available for various platforms, we know that there will always be some titles that will stay with gamers. Although one could find plenty of similar lists that will show the best sci-fi games. Nevertheless, we have compiled our very own list of some highly immersive Sci-Fi game titles that will give you hours of fun with high replay value. Check out these games below.

1.      Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Windows, OS X, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)


The 3rd entry in the Deus Ex series, Human Revolution’s story is set before the events of the original Deus Ex released in 2000. The game introduces a new protagonist Adam Jensen who after surviving a terrorist attack, is augmented with cybernetic parts. The gameplay mixes elements of stealth, role playing and first person shooter in a unique blend that will feel highly refreshing to gamers. The game also has multiple endings based on choices the player makes throughout the gameplay. It would be recommended for gamers to play the director’s cut that presents several key details of the plot along with various improvements in gameplay.

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2.      Command and Conquer: Red Alert (Windows, Mac, PS3, PS Portable, N64, iPhone, Xbox 360)


If you look at the list of the best real-time strategy games, Red Alert franchise will certainly be among the top picks. However, this isn’t just your run of the mill historic

RTS game like age of empires and its clones. The plot in Red Alert, instead of recounting events from history presents a what if scenario or an alternate history. The events in the game show Albert Einstein (working for the allied forces during WWII) building a time machine and assassinating Hitler before he rose to power. He returns in the present only to find that they now face an empowered Soviet Union as their biggest enemy. The game took hints from another classic ‘Total Annihilation’ and reinvented it into one of the best games that highlighted the genre’s finest era.

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3.      Shadowrun (SNES)


It might surprise you the way SNES revolutionized gaming during the 90s. While it’s library was already full of classics such as Street Fighter II, Contra 3, Donkey Kong Country and Mario Kart etc. several amazingly good games often went unnoticed. Shadowrun was released in 1993 for the SNES and was inspired by the tabletop RPG game of the same name. The story involves an amnesiac protagonist named Jake Armitage, who must regain his memories and uncover a highly devious plot. The gameplay comprises of point-and-click style RPG elements with real time action. Game’s setting is highly inspired by Cyberpunk and involves various puzzles, boss battles and open ended story with a highly engrossing narrative. Shadowrun might look primitive now, but once you get into it, you’ll agree that it was way ahead of its time.

4.      Anno 2070 (Windows)


Mixing RTS elements with city building and economic simulation, Anno 2070 presents a highly futuristic game that will keep you busy for months. It presents a world set in the year 2070, where global warming has risen sea levels. The player must control 3 different factions that are differentiated by the way they produce energy. Players must control all factions, build cities and develop trade and technology. Gamers can also try their hands on the previous Anno 1407 and its expansion. Although Anno 1407 takes place during the age of exploration, it will provide you weeks of fun and a chance to create picturesque cities.

5.      Dino Crisis 2 (PS1, Windows)


Another surprising entry that might get mixed reactions is Dino Crisis 2 for PS1. The game might look really bad due to its early 2000s graphics. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best action games to be released on the console. While the original game reused Resident Evil’s formula and replaced Zombies with Dinosaurs, Dino Crisis 2 added a highly sci-fi plot that is sure to entice you. The gameplay is similar to the first 3 Resident Evil games and fixed camera angles. However, switching between 2 characters and faced paced gameplay makes all the difference.

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6.      Alien Vs Predator (CPS2)


A gem that all old-school arcade gamers would know of, Alien Vs Predator is a high-octane beat em up based on the Alien Vs Predator franchise. The game was released by Capcom for CPS-2 arcade system in 1994 and is considered as a Beat em up classic. Players can choose from 4 characters of which 2 are humans and 2 are Predators as they battle through hordes of Alien Xenomorphs and bosses. Each character has their own unique abilities and moves along with a projectile move with limited use. Although the gameplay is a typical side-scrolling beat em up, the plot and narrative will certainly keep you glued to your seats.

7.      Metal Gear Solid 4 (PlayStation 3)


While a lot of fans hate it for being too confusing (which is pretty normal for most games in the series), Metal Gear Solid 4 takes the best elements from the series and tie it into one of the greatest stealth games ever. Released exclusively for the PS3, MGS4 features the familiar protagonist Solid Snake, who has undergone rapid aging after the events of MGS2. Snake must now sneak through a war torn land controlled by Paramilitary Corporations and stop Liquid Ocelot from taking over the world. The game brought several changes including a new stealth system that utilized an octo-camo suit and a more detailed CQC (close quarters combat) system. The plot also pokes fun at the concept of using war as an economy and ID tagging.

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8.      Parasite Eve 2  (PlayStation 1, PlayStation Portable, PS3)


Several might call it a Resident Evil clone, but the second entry in the Parasite Eve franchise was much more than anything seen in Resident Evil. Parasite Eve 2 was released for the PlayStation 1 in 1999 and featured some tremendous improvements over the first game. All battles are now fought in real time with the removal of the time bar from the previous game. The story revolves around an FBI investigator named Aya Brea, who must get to the bottom of a conspiracy involving Mitochondrial creatures. The game mixed elements of RE style survival horror and RPG elements along with special Parasite Energy attacks. The game’s plot is extremely engrossing and will certainly take all your attention if you ignore the old graphics.

There are several high selling titles that might not be present in the above list. That’s simply due to the fact that you might’ve already played them. Some of the above might sound a little off beat and primitive, but that doesn’t stop them from being best in the genre.

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