How To Uninstall RAV Antivirus on Your PC?

If you don’t remember installing RAV Antivirus, but it’s currently operating on your computer, it might have been done in tandem with another program. If you download a torrenting app, you are more likely to encounter this because it occasionally comes packaged with other apps.

RAV antivirus isn’t harmful, but occasionally you’ll unintentionally install it. However, many customers discover it operating on their computer and cannot tell whether it is the actual RAV antivirus or a virus in disguise. So, if it’s currently installed on your computer and you want to uninstall it, follow these steps.

How Did RAV Antivirus Appear On My PC?

If you don’t recall adding the RAV antivirus, it probably did so with another program. A few of them are included with the RAV antivirus, albeit optional, and typically have its area during the program installation.

However, most customers who pay little attention to the installation make the mistake of selecting the RAV antivirus option, which is installed automatically. You must be careful when installing uTorrent because it is one of the apps that advertise the RAV antivirus.

You should always read the terms and conditions and confirm what additional packages or features will be installed because even other apps may promote the RAV antivirus or similar software.

How To Uninstall RAV Antivirus on Your PC?

1. Use Settings

Step 1: Launch Settings by pressing Windows + I, then choose Apps from the list of tabs in the navigation window on the left.


Step 2: On the right, select Apps & Features.

Step 3: Find the RAV antivirus entry here, pick Uninstall from the flyout menu, and then click on the ellipsis next to it.


Step 4: Once more, select Uninstall from the confirmation window.

Step 5: Using Settings is a quick and easy way to uninstall RAV antivirus if it was installed automatically. Rarely, you might have to click Uninstall more than once since it won’t function the first time.

2. Use the Control Panel

Step 1: To open the Run command dialogue box, press Windows + R.

Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl in the text field and press OK or Enter to open the Programs and Features window.


Step 3: Click Uninstall after selecting the RAV antivirus entry here.


Step 4: When the confirmation window pops up, select Yes.

Step 5: To finish the uninstall process, follow the on-screen directions.

Note: Be sure to adhere to the app uninstaller’s screen directions carefully.

Bonus Tip: Run a Real-Time PC Scan using T9 Antivirus


Even if it’s not always possible to stop attacks, real-time antivirus will assist you in staying away from the malware tools they use. T9 Antivirus is one of the greatest antivirus programs on the market; it received iVB100 certification two years ago and still holds it. Using this program has a tonne of benefits, some of which include the following:

Malware Defense

T9 antivirus protects against many threats, including infections, zero-day threats, malware, Trojans, PUPs, adware, and more.

Virus Definitions Updated

Antivirus software must frequently be updated to identify and eradicate new malware threats as they emerge and hacker abilities advance. By routinely installing the most recent database definition updates, T9 Antivirus guards you against the most recent threats.

Defend Yourself Against the Most Modern and Complex Threats

In today’s networked society, one of the main security worries is the potential for sophisticated assaults. The best method to reduce these hazards is to use a cutting-edge program like T9 Antivirus and malware protection software, which provides real-time security and many defenses. Security technology detects threats and successfully counters them before data is compromised.

Immediately Secure

Immediate security thwarts malware in its tracks before it can infect your computer. Threats such as identity theft, security, and other issues can all be prevented.

The Final Word On How To Uninstall RAV Antivirus on Your PC?

In essence, it depends on whether you intentionally installed RAV antivirus or if it did it for you. If the latter, it is advised that you get rid of it and change to a trustworthy antivirus. There are a number of these options, and the majority outperform RAV antivirus. Also, remember that programs included in other installers are frequently ineffective. And because there is so much at stake, you should only trust the best antivirus software. You should be able to uninstall RAV Antivirus from your computer using the techniques mentioned above. However, avoid installing software from unreliable sources to stop the antivirus from attempting to infiltrate your machine again.

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