Twitter Tips To Stay Safe & Secure

Are you twitterpated? Well, it’s just not only a term for infatuated or obsessed, it’s also a term used for Twitter addicts.

Twitter is a platform where one can like, share, comment and post opinions and thoughts. With an enormous number of daily active users, Twitter has also put attention to safety and security and has some major privacy features that make your Twitter experience more safe and secure.

So, today in this article, we will be talking about some of the features of Twitter that helps you in making the Twitter account more safe and secure. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly to enable features on your Twitter account.

1. Privatize Your Tweets

Privatize Your Tweets

Well, Twitter is a place where you can write and share your opinion with everyone globally in just a single click. But, you want to limit your tweets to your followers only and don’t want them to be shared with everyone else’s Twitter handle. In that case, you can protect your tweets from the Twitter settings so that they aren’t visible to everybody excluding your followers.

Yes, Twitter provides with a feature where you can protect your tweets from everyone else and after which your tweets will only be visible to your followers.

For this, go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ from a desktop, and then select ‘Privacy and safety’. In this window, under ‘Privacy’, enable ‘Protect your Tweets’. After this, only those you approve will receive your Tweets. Your future Tweets will not be available publicly. Tweets posted previously may still be publicly visible in some places.

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2.Set Up Login Verification

Set Up Login Verification

As we all know, keeping a strong password isn’t safe anymore. Instead, now we need to set up 2-step factor authentication as well for keeping the account secure. This 2-step factor authentication is known as ‘Login Verification’ on Twitter.

To set up Login Verification,

  1. navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  2. Under ‘Account’, in ‘Security’, tap on ‘Setup login verification’.
  3. Here you can choose how’d you like to receive a verification code, by a text message, by authenticator app, or by a physical security key.

Once login verification is enabled, after you log in, Twitter will ask you for additional information to confirm your identity and protect your account from being compromised.

3. Disable Tweet With Location

Disable Tweet With Location

 Twitter provides a feature where you can tweet with the location tag attached to it. So, whenever you tweet it will also show your location along with the location. This also helps people connect who are at the same location and want to socialize. But, sharing your location publicly can be sometimes dangerous, as you might not know who is after you or stalking you. Don’t worry! This can be disabled as well.

To deactivate ‘Tweet with location’, go to ‘Settings and Privacy’, and then select ‘Privacy and safety’, in ‘Privacy’, disable the checkbox given in front of ‘Tweet location’. This will deactivate your tweet location and next time you tweet, the location will not be mentioned in it. You can also delete location information from the same settings.

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4. Manage Discoverability

Manage Discoverability

 This Twitter tip will only be effective after you add your phone number. As you may have noticed whenever you are scrolling down, there are suggestions like ‘Who to Follow’ appearing on the right side of the window. Likewise, your profile is also discoverable to some unknown Twitter handles. To hide yourself from being discovered, Twitter provides you with Discoverability settings, from where you can prevent others find you by your email address or by phone number.

To prevent your Twitter account from being discovered, go Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Discoverability. Here you can edit whether you want to prevent your email id, phone number or both. Twitter.

So, this was all guys! These are some of the Twitter tips & Twitter features to make your Twitter account secure and safe for better experience. If you found this helpful, please let us know what changes you notice once you have applied the changes in the comment box given.

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