Top 6 Fixes If Mouse Cursor Is Disappearing On Windows 10?

The value of a simple cursor is learned only when it freezes or doesn’t show up on the home screen. And it is very much understandable that when the cursor disappears, and annoyance reach its peak in no time.

Now, there could be multiple reasons for mouse pointer disappearing in Windows 10 including software updates, unlocking the screen after long hours, waking up PC after sleep, accidental disabling of a mouse or a simple Windows update.

In fact, sometimes the cursor gets invisible when you are browsing on Google Chrome for which you need to restart all the tabs once again after closing the window.

In some cases, people troubleshoot this problem by using the touchscreen or simply, the surface pen. But they are not an overall solution! So scroll down and figure out some quick fixes to bring back the disappeared mouse pointer.

FIX 1: Try Out Quick Function Combinations

If Windows 10 installation has been a reason for cursor disappearance, some function keys can help out, just in case.

Try out pressing keys like Fn+F3, Fn+F9 or Fn+F11. Your cursor may come back on screen using these methods.

FIX 2: Try Out Another Mouse

Ask someone to lend their mouse for checking your own mouse’s status. It will clear out whether the trouble lies in hardware or internal drivers.

Moreover, it is also advised that if your mouse is connected using Bluetooth, you shall check any other Bluetooth device interfering in between the function.

FIX 3: Update The Driver

Well, here you have two methods!

You can simply open Device Manager (Windows + R > type devmgmt.msc > Tab > Mice and Other Pointing Devices > right click on Update Driver) and update one single driver at a time.

device manager

On the other hand, an easy but very effective method allows you to update all the drivers without any hassle. How? Using Advanced Driver Updater.

advanced driver updater

What Does Advanced Driver Updater Do?

  • Updates outdated drivers to enhance the performance of the PC.
  • Keeps a backup of all the PC drivers that are installed.
  • Have proper compatibility with the latest Operating System.

One-click operation makes things extremely simple and explains why it’s so trusted worldwide. So if your Windows 10 cursor is missing due to driver glitches, your solution is present right here.

FIX 4: Unplug All The Devices

There could be some conflicts in between various devices attached to the PC at the same time and it becomes the reason that the cursor disappears.

So, just unplug all the nearby attachments like USB, keyboard, etc., shut down the PC and restart it once again. After restarting, attach the mouse and see if it has started working.

FIX 5: Unhide Your Mouse Pointer

Users have reported that the mouse cursor disappears only when they are typing. If that’s you, the issue could be with your mouse settings. Here is how you can bring the mouse cursor back in this case –

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.

2. In the dialog box, type Control mouse and press the Enter key.

3. Click on the Pointer Options tab and then locate the checkbox that says Hide pointer while typing, and uncheck it.

mouse pointer properties - Disappearing Mouse Pointer

4. Click on Apply and OK.

FIX 6: Run A Full-Scan

Yes, we are recommending this as an unknown Malware attack could malfunction your mouse, without your knowledge. For this, you can simply run a scan on your PC by going to Start. Type ‘Defender’ and launch Windows Defender. Here, select the ‘Quick Scan’ option under the shield icon.

windows security

Other than a deep and smart scanning, removal of malware impact is quite possible with best Malware Removal Tools for Windows.


Make sure you perform all these minor to major functions from above to troubleshoot the mouse disappearing on Windows 10. And if in case, you need to work urgently using the keyboard then we have some tips for you.

TIP 1: If you can rely on your keyboard, use the Tab key to reach various menu items and arrow keys to navigate up & down. Press Enter and select the marked option.

Select Alt+F4 to close the open windows.

TIP 2: If your mouse cursor is visible in Windows 10 but not working, follow the step- Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock.

mouse key

As this screen appears, select ‘Yes’ to enable the cursor movement like the way it used to be.

So we hope this solves your problem. If you’re still unable to get the mouse cursor back on screen, please write to us in the comments and we’ll try to get around it.


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