Top 5 Cool Camping Gadgets That Help One Live OFF The Grid

Glampers! An elite group of campers who want the best of luxury at their disposal. A soft bed with all the frills, a canopy style tent to protect them from insects, and fine dining to enjoy. But, while these amenities may seem exorbitant, there are some devices that are a necessity for campers and glampers alike. For those who want to experience nature at its wildest best and want to explore seldom visited areas, the below mentioned are the must have top 5 cool camping gadgets that one will need to survive in the wild.

Best Camping Gadgets 2018

1. Beartooth Smart Walkie Talkie:


This gadget is just amazing. It creates its own network and provides communication even in places where it isn’t seemingly impossible. It pairs with the user’s iOS or Android smartphone and provides encrypted communication. It does so through 2 mediums: Verbal and Textual. The text messages can also share GPS locations. Also, location sharing is easier because of high resolution maps that are created topographically. Free of charge post initial sale price, this gadget, has a voice range of 5 miles and text range of 10 miles. It has a long-lasting battery with which it can go 4 days without recharge. That alone makes it a must have camping gadget to make one a happy camper. Buy it here.

2. Cobra Walkie Talkie:


Camping somewhere near a waterbody? You need a communication device that is waterproof and additionally provides all the special features like wide range communication and location tracking. The Cobra is just the perfect thing in such a scenario. With a range of 37 miles, it is probably the most reliant walkie talkie of all. As a waterproof device, it floats in the off case of it slipping and falling from one’s hands. One of its most marketable and unique feature is that it can playback the last 20 seconds of every communication. This helps in case one needs clarity as far as a location is concerned. With an inbuilt flashlight, this device can be recharged or run on simple alkaline batteries. This cool camping gadget can be bought here.

3. Garmin inReach SE+:


Talk about a robust device, this satellite communicator is GPS enabled and is tough and durable. Impact resistant and waterproof, this is the perfect gadget for those who truly want to rough it out. It also offers to the user unlimited cloud storage to help plan one’s trip down to the last details on the map that is provided. Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) responds to all emergency SOS messages. This gadget can be paired with your iOS or Android smartphone and help in easier messaging. It comes with an EarthMate app that helps in better coordination. All these make it an essential part of the best camping gear one can buy. To purchase the same, click here.

4. goTenna Mesh:

 goTenna Mesh

For the campers and the glampers alike, this gadget allows one to connect on to their smartphone and have seamless communication with their loved ones. Lighter than walkie talkies, this gadget provides its own mesh for communication purposes. It even offers encryption of the messages from the user to the users created network of contacts. With a 24 hrs. battery life, and Bluetooth compatibility, this must have camping gadget is perfect for helping one survive in the wild. Buy it here.

5. The Hiluckey Solar Power Bank:

solar charger

Communication is important. There is no denying this fact. But, even the sturdiest communication devices need to have their batteries charged. This is not possible when one is lost without any power source and surviving in the wild. In such a scenario, one needs to harness the only power source available. Solar Energy. The Hiluckey Solar Power Bank is sturdy, waterproof durable and the perfect companion for camping and other outdoor activities. It is also the best camping gear of all. Its solar panel helps it charge itself and other devices that are connected to it. This gadget can also be of immense use in times of natural disasters or calamities. Buy it here.

There you go folks! Hope these cool camping gadgets help you enjoy the wild while keeping the channels of communications open with your family and loved ones. Drop us your views in the comments section below. Happy Trails!


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