How To Fake GPS Location In Chrome

Finding and tracking one’s whereabouts is simple. Going online these days is like leaving a digital footprint wherever you go. Location is crucial to viewing advertisements, weather notifications, and discovering local locations. We can help ensure your browser and any other website accesses your location.

How Does A Browser Know Where You Are?


  • Any browser with access to the device can determine your location by looking up your IP address. This IP address can be used by sites and apps to pinpoint your location.
  • Every wireless router or network broadcasts a Basic Service Set Identifier, which is accessible to the public. This token contains information about your IP address, which browsers can use to determine where you are.
  • Each smartphone, tablet, and the electronic gadget has a GPS locator that lets you find maps for local locations. Since any gadget and phone has to access GPS, your browser can access any of your location data to track your location.

How To Fake GPS Location In Chrome


You can take many actions to prevent your location from being discovered. One of the best things you can do to safeguard your online privacy and protection is to use a VPN to fake your location. An IP address assigned to you by the VPN server and used to disguise your IP address can be used to determine a user’s location roughly. Additionally, since the VPN alters your perceived location, you can access geo-restricted content in many countries.

Bonus Tip: Systweak VPN – The Best Choice To Fake GPS Location


Systweak VPN is an amazing VPN service which links you to more than 4500 servers in 200 locations and 53 countries worldwide. You may conceal your location and IP address in 200 places spread over 53 nations. Here are a few benefits to help you choose why Systweak VPN is the best option.

It’s essential to circumvent the restrictions

Users may now access any regionally prohibited content in one place while on the go. You can connect to the country’s server to access the material.

It uses the most robust encryption possible

To secure user’s privacy, the Systweak VPN provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. If the malicious actors get their hands on the data, they cannot still decipher it.

The “Kill” mode

If the VPN server malfunctions, your connection will be immediately cut off, guaranteeing that none of your data is ever exposed.

IP Address Masking

Never worry about the IP address/location being made public. You can change your IP address, by choosing any of the Tunnel servers that are encrypted.

Wi-Fi Security in Public

When utilizing public Wi-Fi, guard against criminal attacks, malware attacks, and exposure.

Throttling by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be avoided

Say goodbye to ISP throttling and buffering in exchange for faster connections.

There have been no breaches of data security

Keep your online activities private, secure, and anonymous without worrying about data breaches.


Systweak VPN employs Internet Key Exchange Version 2 to establish a secure connection with excellent speed and data security (IKev2)

Link up using a VPN

It is backed up by independent research. Systweak VPN utilizes OpenVPN, a highly versatile open-source protocol that enables the evasion of filters and firewalls.

How Can You Tell If A Fake GPS Position Is Accurate?


You may also test it on your end by using simple online testing tools like BrowserLeaks. You should be able to determine the address and nation your Systweak VPN service is now connected to with these tools. This will enable you to determine whether turning on a fake GPS location genuinely assisted you in faking your location or not. For instance, even though you are connected from anywhere in the world, if you are linked to a Dubai location, a UAE location will be displayed as your current location.

The Final Word On How to Fake GPS Location In Chrome?

Using a VPN is the best way to fake your GPS location in the Chrome browser. There are other methods like using a proxy server or private browsers, but most do not guarantee 100% results. Systweak VON is a full-proof solution that even includes a kill switch that will disconnect your PC from the internet if the VPN server malfunctions.

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