Tired Of Keeping Warranties Tracks? Here Are Your Top 5 Solutions

Whenever you buy a new gadget, it comes with a warranty period. Usually, the warranty period is validated via the purchase bill or warranty card. What if your product is damaged within the warranty period, however, you have lost the warranty card or purchase bill. Relatable, right? Well, now you can use the warranty tracker apps to keep track of your gadget’s warranty. There are a lot of apps available to solve the purpose but choosing the best can be a tough task. Therefore, we have listed a few apps that can keep track of warranty and other things:

  1. Chambu
  2. MrReceipt
  3. Keep Warranty
  4. Sortly
  5. BillsBox

Since we have listed them above, now let’s go through them one by one and see what they have to offer:

1. Chambu

One of the most hassle-free and user-friendly applications, Chambu tops the list when it comes to tracking your product information document. The tagline of the app only is, “An easy way to manage your receipts”. 

This application works on the formula of Click. Record. Retrieve.

Chambu login

After your shopping, before making a payment, you will need to open your Chambu app. At checkout, provide the unique ID generated from the app to the cashier, and after 10 minutes, your receipt will pop-up on your app. There you can edit the entries to add extra information or transfer the receipt to the warranty section.

Click Record Retrieve
Image Source – Chambu

The best part is, this application is free to use and is available on the App Store as well as Google Play Store. The app has a lot of things to explore so here is where you can download it.

2. MrReceipt

As the name suggests, MrReceipt is also one of the best warranty tracking apps in the market. The tagline of the application is “I will take care of your receipts and loyalty cards”. This is also an easy-to-use app which can help you with all the hassle you will go through if you won’t be able to find your warranty documents’ physical copy. 


Apart from keeping a track of warranty documents, this application has many features which would be a bonus for you to use. Free to use, MrReceipt is available on the App Store as well as Google Play Store. You can download the app here.

3. Keep Warranty

Now in the line, we have Keep Warranty, a warranty and manual organizer app. This app allows you to organize your information by categorizing them, and also notify you if any of the product is about to expire, which I believe is something I installed the application for. It serves the purpose. 

Keep Warranty

The steps to use this app are also quite easy. You click a photo of the product or take it from the gallery. The OCR (optical character reader) feature inbuilt in the app will take all the necessary information from the image. Tap to select, add the product in a category, and update any additional information, if you want to.

Keep Warranty uploads the files to the account online which makes backup easier. Uses can avail all the features of this app for free, and it is available on both the App Store as well as Google Play Store.

4. Sortly

This is an inventory management app, and let you keep track of your products’ warranties. Sortly scans and update the items using bar-codes or QR labels, and fetch the details. 


This goes without saying but Sortly keep track of the stock levels of the products and important dates as well. Few additional features are like, you can also set the app to remind you when the return period and warranty is about to expire. The app lets you recover any data which has been mistakenly deleted within 180 days. Sortly comes with a 2 week free trial on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

5. BillsBox

Lastly, BillsBox, a self-explanatory application which lets you box up all of the bills related to the products you have purchased. You have the option of categorizing your bills into active, expiring and expired ones. One of the best features I experienced is that I will receive an email notification before one month of warranty expiry date. 


Currently, the application has 6 categories, TV (Television), Washing Machine, Laptop, Computer, Mobile, and Refrigerator. You always have an option to create a custom category for the product as well. This application has 2 plans depending on your requirement, 1st is Free and the other is priced at $10. This application is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Apart from the above explained, there are many other apps which are available in the market for Android as well as iPhone/iPad. Here, we have given you a list of the most used, downloaded, and reviewed applications so that you get to experience the best of the best.

Do you think there could have been any improvement scope in any of the apps? 

Download the applications, use them as per your needs, and share your experiences. So that we can fill the gaps if there are any and provide you the accurate and updated information available in the market. Also, we are open to your feedback and suggestions. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to get regular updates of the tech world.  You can also follow us on social media- Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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    What about Warranty Keeper? I am using it and it’s a great app!

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