How To Fix “This App Has Been Blocked By Your System Administrator” Error

The Windows User Account Control shields your computer against unauthorized modifications. However, doing so may interfere with and prevent the operation of legitimate apps. If your account does not have admin permissions, the error “This app has been blocked by your system administrator” will appear.

Other causes include problems with User Account Control and the software being blocked by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Restart your computer first to solve the issue. The procedures below can be used to resolve the problem if it continues after the restart.

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Methods To Fix “This App Has Been Blocked By Your System Administrator” Error

Method 1: Unblock The App Via Properties

Windows has the ability to automatically stop internet-downloaded programs from operating on your system. This security precaution is designed to guard your system against applications from unreliable publishers. You can manually unlock the file and run it. Using Windows, unblock an application:

Step 1: Right-click on the App’s main executable file and choose Properties.

Step 2: Open the General tab in the Properties dialogue.

Step 3: Check the Unblock box in the Secure section.

Unblock The App Via Properties

Step 4: To save the changes, click Apply and then OK.

Check to see whether the issue is fixed by launching the app once more.

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Method 2: Use The Command Prompt To Launch The App

On Windows, the Command Prompt can be used to run and launch applications. All you need is the file name and the file path. Using the Command Prompt, launch a Windows application:

Step 1: Open File Location by choosing the right-click context menu on the program shortcut.

Open File Location

Step 2: Next, choose Properties by right-clicking the app.exe file.


Step 3: Open the General tab in the Properties dialog box.

Step 4: Copy the location of the file that is displayed.

General tab

Step 5: Press Win + R to open the RUN command.

Step 7: Type cmd and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.


Step 8: Type “cd” and press Ctrl + V to paste the app location that you copied in Step 4 followed by the Enter key.


Step 9: Now type “start” and then the name of the app’s executable file.

Step 10: To start the app, hit Enter.

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Method 3: Remove the Admin Block by editing the Windows Registry

Another frequent cause of This app has been blocked by your system administrator problem is User Account Control settings. To get rid of the admin block and fix the error, change the User Account Control settings in Registry Editor. Your system may break if you make inappropriate changes to the Windows Registry. Before you continue with the procedures below, make sure to build a system restore point and a backup of your Windows registry.

Step 1: Open Run by pressing Win + R.

Step 2: To launch Registry Editor, type regedit and press OK.

Step 3: If asked by User Account Control, select Yes.

Step 4: Navigate to the following place in Registry Editor:


Step 5: From the Policies subkey list, choose System.

Step 6: Find EnableLUA in the right pane.

Registry Editor

Step 7: Modify can be chosen by right-clicking on the EnableLUA value.

Step 8: To save the changes, enter 0 in the Value data field and press OK.

Value data

Step 9: To make the changes effective, quit Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Launch the application again to see if the issue has been fixed after the restart.

Note: Your employer may impose some limitations on how you can use a computer at work or school. If you are unable to locate the UAC settings, speak with your IT administrator to discover a solution.

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Have Your Apps Been Unlocked?

Your computer’s security settings might frequently block suspicious apps and display the error “This application has been blocked by your system administrator”. Check the file properties and unblock the program to fix the problem. Another solution to the issue is to modify the UAC(User Account Control) settings in Registry Editor. If everything else fails, the limitations have been imposed by parents, the management of the school or workplace, or both. In that case, you can contact them and ask for an exception if you wish to use the app on your computer.

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