Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! The Fastest Growing IT Jobs By 2023

We have been going through an economic slump for quite a while now. But, irrespective of this reality, there is a ray of hope shining bright in the IT industry. Employment has increased ten-folds simply because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). IT companies are hiring all those who have basic working knowledge apart from engineering degrees in the following sectors. AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, Big Data, ML, Cyber Security and Data Protection are some of the buzzwords that act as a golden ticket.

Gone are the days when one was stuck in an industry doing a monotonous job waiting for retirement. Now, with the help of any of these above-mentioned technologies, one can easily gain a career in the information technology field.

Real Life Application of Technology: Employment!

Real Life Application of Technology

It is easy to say that all one needs to do to gain employment is merely say the name of any one of these tech trends. In recent times, the case of ‘Chauncey Gardiner’ has become a pop culture reference of epic proportion. By just ‘Being There’, i.e. at the right place and at the right time, by saying the right things at the right places, one can grow leaps and bounds.

With technology advancing leaps and bounds, one can be sure that things are changing. The biggest example of it lies in the acceptance and incorporation of these key technologies.

Blockchain technology in particular is hell bent on disrupting sectors up on sectors with changes. It has made companies aware of the loopholes in its divisions and also helps them keep an eye on the logistics involved ranging from farm to fork. In Fact, it is soon becoming a sector with the fastest growing jobs

Big Data and Machine Learning have gained notoriety as tools with which corporate companies like ‘Cambridge Analytica’ have data mined and that in turn resulted in influencing a huge horde of people. On the flip side, these tools are perfect to understand the client’s or the markets needs and demands and meet them with utmost success.

IoT and AI on the other hand, have grown leaps and bounds. They have created a whole world where one can easily see glimpses of the sci-fi style. The prime example of the same is Sofia. This robot, has the potential of turning of making ‘Bicentennial Man’ a reality.

AR and VR are 2 sectors of technology that have exceeded expectations. The main credit of them becoming mainstream lies with Pokémon Go. This game made every smartphone into a gadget with which one could have access AR at its best. Virtual Reality on the other hand has managed to make its mark in games with specific gadgets such as Oculus go.

The way ahead:

The way ahead

So with these trail blazers in the technological field, what does the future hold? Keeping in mind the fact that a decade ago none of these even existed, and in today’s date we can’t even imagine a life without them. Currently, there is a whole host of job opportunities that have opened for those knowledgeable in these fields. Let’s have a look at some of the sectors that have opened up.

1. Content Writers:

One of the few non-technical fields where these 7 technologies come in to play is Content Writers. With blogs, sites and usage of social media, content writers are key players who create awareness and share information about these technologies with the general public. There is a huge demand for people who are tech savvy and have a way with words. It is after all one of the best tech jobs for the future.

2. Quality controllers / Analysts:

The value of a product depends upon the how good a job Quality controllers or analysts do. They are the ones who determine what the software needs before it launches to the public. They are also the force behind the success of a brand.

3. ML Engineers:

A basic computer engineer degree in hand, opens many doors for individual’s to becoming Machine Learning experts. AI, ML and working with algorithms make this one of the most promising sectors in the IT industry due to its vast applicability.

4. Hardware and software Developers:

Be it Android, iOS or Windows, there is a huge demand for software and hardware developers. As a career in information technology field it offers the latest hardware in the market to the team behind the scene and also ensures that the software that is being developed is better than before and user friendly.

5. Professors/ Teachers:

There is a big boom in the number of students who are opting to know more about these latest technologies. Due to which, it becomes easier for teachers and professors to gain employment and further illuminate the path for the next generation with their knowledge of multiple information technology careers.

There you have it folks. A whole new world awaits you, simply pull up your socks and join in the bandwagon.

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