How to Spoof Pokémon GO Location in 2023 (Android)

Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic, Inc. It was initially released in the year 2016. Even in 2023, Pokémon GO remains one of the most captivating gaming applications. It is one of the most engaging and popular AR (Augmented Reality) based game apps available in the market right now.

Spoofing location in pokemon go

Because it is a location-based game, you have to leave your house and travel around your neighborhood or nearby places to start playing or capture a Pokémon. And many users don’t want to leave their cozy houses to catch a new or desired Pokémon.

In this situation, people seek ways to spoof locations or use a Pokemon Go spoofer to gain access to new areas and capture new Pokémon.

So today, in this article, I will tell you the best possible ways to spoof location in Pokemon Go.

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What Is The Need For Spoofing Location In Pokemon Go?

As I mentioned earlier, this is a location-based Augmented Reality game. You need to get out of your house and look around to catch new and powerful Pokemons. You have to visit nearby places like open fields, a nearby station (Bus/Railway), parks, malls, etc. However, there will come a time when all the Pokemon in your vicinity have been caught.

So to avoid this, find new Pokemons and your favorite Pokemon Gym or Pokestop. You will need to spoof the Pokemon Go location. This could be done by using a GPS Location Spoofer app and a VPN app.

Things To Know Before Spoofing Location In Pokemon Go,

Pokémon Go players have been spoofing ever since the game’s initial release, and Niantic has yet to resolve the matter. Even though accounts that are supposedly spoofing get banned eventually, it takes weeks before any repercussions occur. By this time, these players have already grown bored and moved on to another game.

Niantic is known for issuing a ban when the player goes beyond specific boundaries or does something repetitively that breaks the terms of service. To control Pokemon Go spoofing, Niantic has implemented the three-strike policy to ban players caught cheating when playing Pokemon GO.

These are as follows:

  1. The first strike just generates a warning message. Nothing else will happen, and you will be allowed to play.
  2. After the second strike, your account will be suspended for a month, and you will be unable to play for a month.
  3. Your account will be permanently banned after the third and final strike.

How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location?

For a proper and safe spoofing location in Pokemon Go, you will need a good GPS spoofing app or a VPN service of your choice.

In most situations, VPNs are beneficial for concealing your true location. However, when figuring out how to get Pokemon Go, ignore your actual location and instead use the location provided by the app; you’ll need both a VPN and a spoofing app because of how Pokemon Go detects your location.

It works like this: Whenever you open the Pokemon Go app to play, it will automatically search for your GPS location when you first start playing it. Next, it will look at your current IP address and determine what city or town you’re currently located in to know where you are specifically on a map.

Using both GPS and your IP address will make it so Pokémon Go can verify your location because it can see that the two pieces of information match up.

Steps to take for Spoofing Location Go In Pokemon Go

First, you need to do two things:

1. Choose a trustworthy VPN provider – We recommend Nord VPN for its covert secrecy and lighting fast speeds.

Spoofing location in pokemon go

2. Install a GPS spoofing application on your phone. For instance, we are using the Fake GPS app here.

pokemon go spoofer

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Once you are done with these two installations, follow these steps to spoof the Pokemon Go location:

1. Go to the “Settings” of your device and head over to the “About phone” section.

pokemon go spoofer

2. In the About section page, look for the “Build Number” of your device and tap on the “Build Number” option seven times to invoke “Developer Mode.”

3. Now go back to the main settings page again and look for “Developer Options.” If it is not on the main page, then look under the “System” option on the settings page.

pokemon go spoofer

4. Into the Developer options scroll down the page till you see the “Select Mock Location App” and tap on it.

pokemon go spoofer

5. Now choose the app you installed for GPS spoofing (in our case, it is “Fake GPS”).

Spoofing location in pokemon go

6. You will now want to start and activate your VPN. Connect your phone to the Pokémon Go area where you wish to play.

7. Once the Fake GPS app has been granted the necessary permissions, you can simply run the app and manually modify your position.

8. When you launch Pokémon GO, you should have successfully manipulated your location to your favorite place within the game.

9. Choose a place that corresponds to the location of your IP address in your VPN, and then click the play button.

10. Start catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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And that’s how you can successfully spoof the Pokemon Go location.

Writers Tip:

  1. Don’t bounce from one location to the next too frequently. If it detects, your account might be suspended.
  2. Avoid catching a large number of  Pokémons in a short period. This will also raise a red flag with the developers and may result in your ban

To Wrap it Up

And that’s how spoofing location in Pokemon Go can be done. Hopefully, this article serves as a helpful guide on how to Spoof Pokemon Go locations. Give this method a try, and let us know your experiences in the comments below. And if you have any tips regarding Pokemon Go location spoofing, feel free to share them. We would love to hear from you!

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