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For iPhone - 2018-04-14

iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X: An Insight Into Portrait Mode

iPhone users experienced Portrait Mode for the very first time when Apple released iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait Mode works by blurring the background (bokeh effect) and sharpening the subject and the picture looks like as if taken from a DSLR camera. It does so by using depth data from the dual rear cameras of iPhone….

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For iPhone, How-To - 2018-02-07

How To Use Magnifier On iPhone X

Sometimes you face a problem when you are filling a form for your investment scheme or any other financial agreements and you have to read all the terms and conditions carefully. And due to a very small size of text, you were taking a stress to your eyes. If you know the feature of Magnifier…

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Tech News - 2018-02-05

iPhone X: Is It Even Worth It?

Apple Phones- the legacy left behind by Steve Jobs, carries on! Whenever people hear about a new iPhone launch the excitement levels shoot up and one can find long line up outside stores to be one of  the first owners. This time is no different, the launch of latest version of iPhone was eagerly anticipated…

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For iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 2018-01-10

Why Is Face ID On My iPhone X Not Working?

iPhone X when launched came with a lot of changes. The software and the hardware, display and many other things went through a drastic change. One of the biggest change was omission of home button. Earlier, home button functioned as a fingerprint scanner. With iPhone X, Apple introduced Face ID, which is said to be…

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For iPhone, Gadgets - 2020-05-08

15 Best Protective Cases For iPhone X

If you have chosen to by Apple’s $999 flagship phone then you will certainly be looking for a protective case for it. There are lots of cases and covers available in the market for your all new iPhone X but you should choose the best security because you store all the information and memories on…

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Tech News - 2017-12-19

4 iPhone X Features We’re Still Getting Used To

Since iPhone X’s launch it has been associated with a lot of rumors and speculations, and somehow managed to stay in the headlines for all the possible reasons (Good and bad both of course). iPhone X is so far one of Apple’s biggest experiment with technology and innovation. Be it getting rid of the home…

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For iPhone, How-To, iOS - 2017-12-18

How To Force Close Background Apps On iPhone X

What’s the major criteria you want any smartphone to fulfill? Is it the camera or the design? Despite these being the key factors, undeniably the most important factor users want from their Smartphones is that it functions smoothly. Which is why they don’t mind spending considerable amount while investing in smartphones. But, such is technology!…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.