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Duplicate Photos, Tips & Tricks - 2020-07-21

Type of Selfies & How to Clean Similar Selfies

Selfie is one of the most popular ways of taking self-portrait photographs. Selfies are often uploaded on social networking site such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. The first ever selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius, an American photographer in 1839. He took a daguerreotype of himself, which was the first selfie and one of the…

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Apps, Duplicate Photos, For Windows, Reviews - 2020-12-09

VisiPics Duplicate Finder Review 2021

From family photographs to personal photoshoots to our favorite wallpapers, there are all sort and different type of photos that are scattered all over our system and mobile phones. And no doubt numerous images would be replicas or identical pictures. Unless you’re an ultra-scrupulous in the way you handle your PC or Mobile, there’s no…

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