VisiPics Duplicate Finder Review 2023

From family photographs to personal photoshoots to our favorite wallpapers, there are all sort and different type of photos that are scattered all over our system and mobile phones.

And no doubt numerous images would be replicas or identical pictures. Unless you’re an ultra-scrupulous in the way you handle your PC or Mobile, there’s no chance that it doesn’t contain duplicate photos. These multiple copies of photos not only confuse you to choose the right one to upload on social media, but also eats lots of disk space which leads to slowing down causes.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

  • Remove Both Duplicate & Similar-Looking Photos
  • Recover Huge Chunks Of Storage Space
  • Speed Up PC  In A Few Clicks

What are Duplicates?

When it comes to photos, Duplicates can be referred to as, two image files that are pixel-by-pixel and bit-by-bit identical. But what about those pictures that are taken simultaneously with your camera’s multi shot mode? What about those pictures that are saved under different names or have different sizes but looks identical? Will they be categorized as duplicates and scanned by software?

With such large number of image files, its manually impossible to sit and clear the clutter one-by-one.

What are Duplicates
Image Source: Public Domain Pictures

So, Here’s Introducing VisiPics

Your Ultimate Solution To Scan & Remove Duplicate Photos.

It’s is a dedicated software designed to free up storage devices by searching and removing identical pictures. The application comes with tons of file matching options, so that you don’t have to store unnecessary copies of twin pictures in your photo gallery.

VisiPics does much more than finding duplicates, it goes beyond to detect similar looking images as well. Think of pictures that are taken immediately one after another from the same subject, or identical photos that are saved under different sizes or orientations or same pictures that have different names. VisiPics does all for you!


VisiPics comprises the following features:

  • Tiny & Free Application-
           -Just eats 2.10 MB space.
  • Easy and Fast to download
           -Needs only one-time-download
  • Loader-
          -To load pictures of particular sizes.
  • Stop/Start/Pause Buttons-
            -To stop, start and pause the scanning process.
  • Comes with Timer-
             -How much time is left in complete scanning.
  • Different Filters: Strict, Basic and Loose
    • Strict Mode: Will return almost identical results.
    • Basic Mode: Checks for the same or slightly different images.
    • Loose Mode: Checks for greater amount of differences.
  • Auto-Select Feature- To search images which are marked with uncompressed, lower resolution & smaller copies as duplicate images.
  • Un-ignore & Deselect Feature- To exclude images or folders from being scanned for duplicates.
  • Move, Renaming, Delete, About- Allows you to perform quick actions such as moving images from one place to another, editing names, deleting manually, or know properties of images.
  • Supports Multiple File Formats- Including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, TGA, GIF, RAW and much more.
  • Manual Deletion- VisiPics also allows you to delete images while the program is in the scanning process, in case you are insecure over what you really want to delete. So, without wasting much time while the scanning process gets complete, you can manually select the images you don’t want to keep.
  • Matching Criteria To Identify Duplicates
    • Two different resolution files of same image are Duplicate.
    • Same pictures, different formats are Duplicates.
    • Same pictures, minor cosmetic changes are Duplicates.
  • Loaded with Tutorials- You can head towards Help section to learn from basics, which will guide you in less than a minute that how the software works.

Minimum System Requirements

For optimal performance, you should fulfil the requirements: 2GHZ, Dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM (1GB or Vista)

However, the minimum requirements to run VisiPics are:

OS: 32 Bit versions (Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10) and no other additional requirements.

Price: Free

Other Information

File Size: 2.10 MB

File Name: VisiPics-1-31.exe

Publisher: Guillaume Fouet

Latest Version: 1.31

How to use VisiPics?

Follow the step-by-step process and know how to find & delete duplicate images using VisiPics:

Step 1- Download & install the software in seconds and you will be enhanced by the simple, intuitive interface. You can easily navigate to all the features listed in sections.
Step 2- Select the folder from where you want to start with or from which location you want to find duplicates.

Step 3- Once you select the folder, photos containing would be loaded on the nearest section, as mentioned in the screenshot below. Now tap the green ‘Start’ button to start the scanning process.

Step 4-  As you click on the ‘start’ icon, scanning process begins, you’ll start seeing the list of duplicates in the left pane.

Step 5- Now take your time and select the ones you want to keep & ones you do not.

Step 6- Once you do that, you’ll see the images marked you want to delete and remaining will automatically be saved on your folder. Click ‘Delete’ to get rid of unwanted pictures.

Step 7- The app will ask for your confirmation, that do you really want to delete? Tap ‘Delete’ once again!
Pros & Cons

Here are certain advantages and disadvantages that comes with the software:


  • Quick & Easy to Use.
  •  Supports various image formats.
  •  Multiple actions to perform for duplicates.
  •  Ability to find both identical and similar images.

  • Not updated from quite a long time
  •  Sometimes scanning takes lots of time, when folder is large
  •  Sometimes preview of duplicates gets slow
  •  Doesn’t detect lesser known or corrupted files

Final Verdict

When it comes to removing duplicates, the best part VisiPics offer is once the scanning process begins, you start seeing the list of identical images on the left pane. And eventually you can start removing the pictures, while it continues to scan for more. Therefore, it saves your time and you don’t have to wait for the whole scanning process to end before you can opt for deletion action. Unlike other software which completes the scan and then shows you the whole scenario.

All-in-all VisiPics is a great utility tool to find and delete duplicate pictures in just few clicks. And it’s a must have app to save spaces on your hard drive & phone storage.

Start Deleting Photos That You No Longer Need!

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