How to Stop Companies From Collecting Your Personal Information

The Internet is a fantastic discovery and has made it possible to perform many tasks online while sitting in our homes. However, it also has its share of horrors, data collection being the worst. Many of us do not know that all our internet activities can be tracked online, and our information is not safe. Marketing agencies harness our knowledge to send relevant and matching ads on the websites we visit.

They study our browsing history and display ads accordingly to increase sales of the companies that pay them for advertising. On the other hand, threat actors try to collect our information and attempt identity theft and steal our hard-earned money. There is no one to stay 100% anonymous online, but you can reduce your online information.

How to Stop Companies From Collecting Your Information

If you cannot stop surfing the internet and carrying out transactions online, then there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind.

Factor 1. Multi-Factor Authentication


Many online services ask you to grant permission on your smartphone when trying to sign in to a new device. This 2FA feature helps secure your account, and a mail is sent to your email informing you that your account has been signed into a new device. One-Time-Password is a good security feature where you receive OTPs via SMS. It is recommended to keep these features enabled as they are significant security measures.

Factor 2. Password Manager

Password Manager
A Password Manager app helps users store all their passwords on the PC instead of remembering them or writing them in a personal diary. However, many people opt for the free password managers provided by the browsers, which I must say are not safe. On the other hand, a third-party password manager is much more secure and cannot be opened until the master password is known. One such app is TweakPass which stores all your credentials away from prying eyes.

Factor 3. Read Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

All apps and websites have Privacy Policies that must be read before signing in. However, this is a tedious process considering the difficulty of language and length of the Privacy document. Instead of reading the entire document, you can look for anomalies or strange points like a website asking permission to view your contacts.

Factor 4. Do Not Enter Unrequired Fields

Do Not Enter Unrequired Fields

Some fields can be left alone, and it is recommended to leave them blank. Also, you don’t have to enter true information unless it is a legit bank or government website. Remember different bits and pieces of information can be stitched together to pinpoint your exact location.

Factor 5. Use a Virtual Private Network


A VPN service helps mask your identity and hides your IP address while browsing online. This allows you to hide your location or provide a fake location to data collecting websites and apps. It is highly recommended to use a VPN surfing the internet.

Systweak VPN: The Best Way To Protect Your Information


Systweak VPN is a fantastic VPN platform that connects customers to over 4500 servers in 53 countries and 200 locations worldwide. You can disguise your location and conceal your IP address in 200 different locations across 53 countries. Here are some of Systweak VPN’s features to assist you in deciding why it is the best option.

Breaking the GeoRestrictions is a must

While traveling, you can now listen to or see any regionally restricted content to a single area. You must connect to the country’s server in which the content is accessible.

Encryption of the highest level

Systweak VPN employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is regarded as military-grade, to protect your privacy. Even if the hackers manage to gain access to the data, they will now be able to decode it.

Switch to ‘Kill’ mode

Your internet will be automatically terminated if the VPN server fails, ensuring that your personal information is never shared.

IP Address Masking

Never be concerned about your IP or location being revealed. Choose any of the encrypted Tunnel servers to change your IP address.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Protect yourself and your data from criminal attacks, virus infestations, and being exposed when using public Wi-Fi.

Throttling of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be avoided

Say goodbye to buffering and throttling from your ISP. in exchange for faster speeds.

There haven’t been any data breaches

Keep your online activities private, secure, and anonymous without fear of data breaches.


Systweak VPN employs Internet Key Exchange Version 2 to establish a secure connection with high speed and data security (IKev2)

Open VPN

It is backed up by independent research. Systweak VPN uses OpenVPN, a highly versatile open-source protocol that allows escape detection by filters and firewalls.

The Final Word On How to Stop Companies From Collecting Your Personal Information

I hope the above information proves useful to stay anonymous online and prevent your data from being leaked to marketing agencies and malicious actors. Systweak VPN is one of the finest apps that you can use to stop collection agencies from getting your real data and information.

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