How to Create a Linkedin Company Page – Quick Steps

Linkedin, a social media for companies, organizations, and professionals, has grown so much just after it was launched. It has so many great features and easy to use interface that users fell in love with it at first sight. Setting up a personal profile is relatively easy, but what about a company’s page or profile? How shall a company proceed to build its presence on Linkedin? Today, I am sharing some easy steps so that you can create your own Linkedin Company Page, whichhelp you grow your business.

Linkedin Company Page

Creating a Linkedin Company Page:

Filling Details for Linkedin Company Page:

You need to first click on the companies tab, it is located under Interests on the homepage. Then, click on “Create Button” in the Create a Company Page box., on the right side of the screen. Fill in the details asked about your company and also your professional email address. Click “Continue” and proceed. Now fill in all the details asked and also don’t forget to highlight the Unique Selling Point or USP of your company.

Upload the Logo Identity and cover image for your Linkedin Company Page:

A logo is also the piece of your company, which is the first thing anyone sees. It represents your brand and presence in the market. A lot of goodwill is also associated with it. The same goes for the logo on your Linkedin company page too. Upload a copy of the logo and cover. Empty sections, especially the introductory ones, aren’t appreciated by the masses and doesn’t look attractive either. It will be the first thing people see so you can make changes to make it more attractive too. Also, Linkedin provides shows with the company’s logo on all the employee’s profile, so if anyone is checking out your worker’s profile, he will see your logo too.

Also, you need to resize the dimension of your logo, according to 50 x 50 pixels. After you complete the upload, it will start showing in the feed. You can also design an attractive background image as you see fit.

Here are a few suggestions to help you decide a banner image for your Linkedin company page:

  • Come up with a campaign line or short message.
  • Offer insights from your office by posting images of the workplace.
    Creating a Linkedin Company Page
  • Post images of satisfied customers using your product etc.

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Posting regular content and updates on your Linkedin Company Page:

No matter what you do, each effort would be a complete failure if you don’t post regularly and quality content. People on social media are hungry for content. If you want to engage the audience, then you will have to produce content that is both engaging and useful to the audience. You need to make efforts so that your page becomes a site for discussion of ideas and thoughts, rather than a mere advertising platform.

How to create Linkedin Company Page

Offer job insights, work experience, stories, articles on what your company deals in. You can also ask for a guest post from a renowned person. It will boost up your goodwill and credibility. Knowledge is what people seek most, and if you can provide them in a lucid manner then the chances of people seeking your page will also increase exponentially.

linkedin page

You will also need to mould your content in such a way that attracts your target audience. For example, if you are planning to target youth, then your content should be dynamic and innovative. It could be the best place for you to post about vacant positions in your company that you need to fill. Since it is posted on an open platform, you can get more and better applications, resulting in a better workforce.

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Best time to post?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Hit hard when the time is right”?. For covering more and more audiences, you need to post your content when there are more and more people surfing Linkedin. This way, you can reach more people as they will be present there to check out your work. Usually, people are more active on weekdays and that too during working hours. Wednesday and Thursday are considered to be the most effective days, according to the trends on Linkedin.

Best time to post

So, now you know how to set up a Linkedin Company Page and also how to proceed further. We also discussed how you can to attract and get an effective and efficient response from your audience. You need to keep all the points in mind and continue looking for opportunities for improving your presence. It will take some time, but hard work does bear fruits. So keep holding on my friend.

how to set up a Linkedin Company Page

Share your experiences on how you grew your audience from scratch. Let us know in the comments. We are also open to suggestions. Thanks for reading, have a good day ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it free to create a LinkedIn Company Page?

Yes, you can create a Linkedin Company Page free of cost, and it’s quite easy. You just need to have a company name and its email address, and you are good to go.

Can you create a LinkedIn account for a business?

You will have to create a personal profile first, and then you can create a page for your company on Linkedin. You will be regarded as the owner of that company, and you will enjoy the administrative rights over the page.

Can I create a company page on LinkedIn without a personal profile?

No, a personal profile is a must and before you start a company page, you also need to have “several first-degree connections”.

How many connections do you need to create a company page on LinkedIn?

There isn’t a fixed number to fulfill this requirement but as an administrator, you need to have more than “just one or two Linkedin connections”.

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