Spotify vs Apple Music vs Tidal! Which One You Should Prefer?

In the race of becoming the world’s top music streaming services, none of the streaming platforms is ready to settle behind. That’s the reason, services are offering a wide range of catalog, offline listening facilities, and its own quirks to attract the maximum number of users. With these mind-blowing features and other stupefying capabilities, the gap is getting lesser. The services are constantly raising their bar higher and higher to match up the competition in the market. Well, now it’s difficult to find out with which service you should get on-board with.

In this post, we’re going to discuss three streaming services along with the facilities they provide. So, let’s get started!


 Spotify is one of the most used and oldest streaming services. One of the great reason for its popularity is, it is available on almost every platform, be it home assistants, TV, cars, high-end speakers, smartphones, or tablets. Developers of Spotify has designed the app in such a way that users can enjoy their playlists by making an account just by pressing the button.


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Apple Music

Apple Music

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Certainly, Apple Music was launched the playback in 2015 and with its user-friendly interface and ability of customization, it never let any other music streaming service take its place. And that’s the reason, Apple Music streaming has shown unbelievable growth in its listenership since its inception. However, it withstands some controversies since the beginning. But that never hampered its popularity, as it offers low-price streaming and an enormous catalog.

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Tidal is an amazing music streaming platform that is also preferred by celebrities. As one of the mega-star has a finger on its button (Jay Z), Tidal has a superstar roster of shareholders and followers.  Tidal is under new ownership, and those owners are musicians. Let’s not just say Jay Z, but also like Madonna, Calvin Harris, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Jason Aldean, Deadmau5, Jack White, J Cole, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Usher. However, it is not a Jay-Z’s creation. As some of the users think, Tidal is a future of digital music.

Like other music streaming services, Tidal is also a paid service that offers a huge music catalog, ad-free version, and a free trial-version.


Apple Music and Spotify come up with the same amount of $9.99 for its monthly subscription. Wherein Apple chooses $14.99 for a family deal that means you can only include up to six members on the same account. However, Tidal is available at $19.99per month.


 you can get Apple Music in 113 countries. Spotify is available in sixty different countries for you. Wherein, Tidal is available in only 52 countries.

Music Library:

Apple Music features over 45 million tracks with current classic and rock music. For now, the library is leading the charts as compared to its rivals. Moreover, you can get high-profile albums like Taylor Swift’s “1984” and many more.

As like Apple Music, Spotify also offers the same strength of enormous music library of around 45-million song catalog. However, it allows you to add up nearly 20,000 fresh songs on daily basis. The bottom line is, this streaming service proposes much more songs than your ears can hear throughout the day.

Tidal has 48.5 million songs catalog, which is a little less in numbers as compared to Apple music and Spotify.

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Why Should You Use This?

Spotify is a perfect choice for the people those who are looking for an easy interface music streaming services with good audio quality. Apple Music is an affordable and popular streaming platform for Apple admirers. Wherein, using Tidal is a status symbol for the people as other celebrities also use same streaming platform for the entertainment.

Let’s Check Out The Rest Of The Statistics:

Name Catalog Users Price Offline listening Social Integration Free Trial Audio Quality
Spotify 30 million 159 million $9.99 Yes Yes 30 days 320 kbps
Apple Music 45 million 36 million $9.99 –  $14.99 Yes Yes 90 days 256 kbps


48.5 million 3 million $19.99 Yes Yes 30 days 1411kbps



Overall, these three music streaming services are performing well and the competition is cut-throat. It’s not easy to decide which of the service is leading the charts but you can get started with the one that suits your needs and requirements.

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