Ring Alarm Security Kit: Simple, Economical Home Security

Home security is a very important feature in turbulent times. Technology has been playing a very important hand in its evolution. With the multiple home security solutions that are now available in the market, we can now keep an eye on our homes for anti-social elements irrespective of us being at home or out.  Traditionally, home security solutions, required professional assistance for the setup, had expensive subscription plans and even involved long-term service contracts. In short while they worked well for city dwellers, those out in the country, could not avail the same facilities.

Fortunately, thanks to the immense advancement in motion sensor technology, home security systems have evolved dramatically. Now, one can install a professional home security solution without outside help. These new systems are cost-effective and portable enough that they can be transported easily from one home to another. One such complete home security solution is Ring Alarm. It is a handy and professional tool that has DIY installation while offering ground breaking protection to our homes and properties.

Ring Alarm
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Ring Alarm: Know More About It

Speaking of Ring Security program, it is very similar to Nest home security system. Apart from the nightlight, it also includes a sensor that detects even the faintest amount fire or carbon monoxide in the air and the entryway. Laden with motion sensors and a home security camera, Ring Alarm is a perfect tool for every home. One of the unique features of the system is that it doesn’t have annoying whistles and bells that chime at every random hour of the day. When compared to Nest’s home security starter kit ($399) Ring security system costs a mere $199 with $10/month fee for professional monitoring. This makes it one of the best and significantly the least expensive security starter bundle money can buy. It also begins shipping today!

Apart from being cost-effective, the device is a simple and easy-to-deploy device. It includes all the necessary features of a home security device and can be installed by the end user in mere 20 minutes. One key factor of the product is that its alarm system automatically sets the range extender, the contact sensor and the motion detector to sync with Ring Alarm’s main hub. All the user needs to do is wait for them to get activated by the battery tab. Once active, the app shall begin its detection.

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How To Install Sensors?

How To Install Sensors
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Installing the sensors is quite simple. All one needs to do is use a double-sided tape to support the contact sensor onto the door. Similarly, one can easily install the motion sensor in a similar fashion. Wall fasteners and screws shall work wonders for a more permanent installation. Once installed, all one needs to do is connect the sensors with the system and sync them by scanning the barcode that is located at the back of the sensor. As soon as the barcode is scanned, the application identifies the multiple sensors that have been installed around the house and the property instantly. Ring security system presets the extra sensors and makes its use just as smooth as the in-box sensors.

Keypad & Base Station

Keypad & Base Station
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You can mount keypad on a wall or place it on a flat surface. It can be charged with the help of a Micro USB cable. The internal battery of Ring Alarm lasts up to twelve months.

Base station can be mounted on the wall and can be set up on a Wi-Fi network. It has a 24-hr battery backup life that allows it to connect to an LTE network (only if you use AT&T’s network and have opted for Ring’s Protect Plus monitoring service).

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Ring Alarm’s Protect Plus service

Protect Plus service offers 24/7 professional monitoring. According to the service, it will alert the user once a crisis or intrusion is detected. It will also send notifications to emergency contact numbers that you may have entered while setup. Protect Plus service costs $10 per month. The premium service plan also consists of unlimited cloud storage for security cameras and Ring’s doorbell.

The company promises to introduce more additions such as integration with other smart gadgets, lighting and door locks. Although the security system lacks some features that are covered in other home security solutions, other features like a very simple installation and many more help the system stand out.  In a nutshell, Ring Alarm is a convenient way to introduce a professional yet budget-friendly home security system into your apartments or homes.

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