How to Remove A Clipboard Hijacker That’s Pasting a Garbled String

When you copy and paste something on a Windows computer, does the string contain any strange characters from your clipboard? If so, your computer probably picked up an infection, and your clipboard has been removed. This essay will describe how clipboard hijacking works and how you can stop financial damage by getting rid of them.

How Does A Computer Get Infected By A Clipboard Hijacker?


Most often, hijackers get onto a computer with other programs that people download from dubious sources. The hijacker was probably installed alongside another program you downloaded from a third-party website if you are convinced your clipboard has been compromised.

Scammers who use clipboard hijacking take control of their targets’ clipboards. Whenever a user copies something into the copy-paste buffer after the clipboard has been hacked, a certain string or address is substituted for the copied data. As a result, the result is different from the copied text when the user copies and pastes it.

How To Remove A Clipboard Hijacker That’s Pasting A Garbled String- Best Methods

1. Terminate Any Suspicious Processes That Are Active

You’ll frequently see a suspicious background activity running in your Windows Task Manager when your clipboard has been compromised. In this instance, the clipboard hijacker is connected to the AutoIt v3 Script (32-bit), a malicious process that pastes this precise string. Therefore, turning it off in Task Manager will probably stop the hijacker from carrying out its operations. To appropriately disable the AutoIt v3 Script (32-bit) process in Task Manager, follow the below procedures.

Step 1: Select Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows Start button.

Step 2: Look in the list of background processes for the AutoIt v3 Script (32-bit) process.

Step 3: Locate it, pick it, and click Finish Task.

2. Check For Viruses On Your Computer


The hijacker can’t function unless the AutoIt v3 Script (32-bit) process is terminated. But if the hijacker is still on your computer, it can start the procedure repeatedly. Therefore, it’s essential to remove the hijacker from your computer. You should perform a virus scan on your computer to accomplish that.

Use Advanced PC Cleanup To Remove Additional Junk And Temporary Files


Advanced PC Cleanup is an excellent PC optimization program that helps you recover lost storage space so you can use it for more beneficial purposes by removing all useless items from your computer. Here are a few characteristics of Advanced PC Cleanup that will convince you of its absolute importance.

Junk Remover: A specific module in Advanced PC Cleanup assists in scanning, locating, and removing the trash files from your system.


Temp Files: After garbage files, there are temporary files, which may have been necessary once during the setup or operation of a particular software but are now just taking up space on your computer. All of these temporary files can be deleted by this app, and don’t worry—if your programs require them, new ones will be produced instantly.

Recycle Bin Records: All the files you consciously remove from your computer are in the Recycle bin. If certain files get stranded in your Recycle Bin, this software can assist you in emptying them.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, there are numerous others, including malware protection, erasing identity traces, erasing faulty registry connections, and much more.

Delete Recent Installed Untrusted Apps


Verify that all applications and software you installed from unreliable sources have been taken down. By performing the following actions, you can verify this:

Step 1: Select Settings from the context menu of the Windows Start button.

Step 2: Choose Apps in the left sidebar.

Step 3: Click Apps & features in the right-hand window to start.

Step 4: Find any unreliable apps.

Step 5: Uninstall the app by selecting it by clicking the three vertical dots next to its name.

You should search for any suspicious apps you don’t remember installing and remove untrustworthy programs. Such malicious programs conceal themselves from malware scanners and avoid detection. To prevent this program from stealing your clipboard, ensure it is not installed on your device.

The Final Word On How To Remove A Clipboard Hijacker That’s Pasting A Garbled String

With the help of these instructions, you should be able to figure out why your clipboard pastes this unpleasant nonsense rather than the copied text. You now also know how to clear your clipboard and remove the hijacker. Without question, con artists are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. Therefore, warn others about this hijacker to prevent a victim in your family.

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