Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Buy Mac

Mac and Windows are the two leading platforms for our daily computing requirements. More often than not, when it comes to choosing between the two, the decision making process can be confusing and time consuming. And if that wasn’t enough, you are further confused by people’s individual opinions.. Therefore to make it simple for you, we have tried to speed up your decision by shortlisting a few reasons on why you should or shouldn’t invest in a Mac

Reasons Why You Should Buy An Apple Mac

1. Top -Notch Product Design

Apple lays a lot of emphasis on its product look and design. Mac Designs have been well thought of and have always had a  visual appeal. Apple is the first company which started the trend using aluminum body to design its system. Undoubtedly it has one of the best hardware.

To -Notch Product Design

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2. More Stable Performance Than Windows

Mac OS X is more reliable than Windows operating system. Mac systems rarely suffer crashes and system lockups as compared to Windows. The system has pre-installed programs which directly come from Apple and the programs are well tested and optimized to work well with hardware.

3. Mac Is Less Vulnerable To Viruses

Mac computers are less vulnerable to viruses and other malware. However, you should bear in mind that they are not 100? attack proof and basic precautions need to be taken.

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4. Top Class Customer Support

Apple customer support is consistent and is a thousandfold better than most competitors. If anything happens to your Mac, you can book an appointment and take it to your nearest Apple Store. There, an expert will help you out both for hardware and software related problems.

Top Class Customer Support

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With the above reasons it might be clear to readers that Mac is the machine of choice if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable computer. Therefore it is not hard to imagine that it is highly preferred by professionals such as musicians, sound engineers, graphic designers and architects, all thanks to it’s stable and lag free performance.

Nevertheless, even despite its great performance there are cases when a Mac might not really be suitable for you. Check out the reasons listed below.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Mac

1. Mac Is Expensive

On an average, Macs are more expensive compared to Windows PC. Due to its design and build quality.

Mac is Expensive

2. Gaming Constraints

Macs are not built for gaming and lag way behind from Windows. Even the latest MacBook Pro doesn’t have up to the mark graphics capabilities to play games. Windows computers on other hand, have a library list of games that even consoles cannot match in terms of quantity and diversity. Some of the best PC games are made for Windows with only watered-down mobile ports for Apple iOS devices.

Gaming Constraints

3. Mac Systems Are Hard To Upgrade

Macs are almost impossible to upgrade easily as Apple is known for welding components like hard drive or RAM to the motherboard, which makes it impossible to upgrade after the machine has been assembled. In case,  you wish to upgrade RAM or hard drive, it will cost you a fortune.

Mac Systems Are Hard to Upgrade

4. Not As Versatile As Windows

If you are currently a Windows user and plan to switch to Mac, be aware there are lot of software which will not be available on it. However, you can find the alternatives of those software. It will also be a hassle if you’ve paid money for your Windows software.

Versatile As Windows

5. Not A Great Choice For Casual Users

If you are a user who wishes to purchase a system to browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music and check in on social media then you do not need to spend money on a Mac. You can purchase a budget friendly Windows PC for all these tasks. Moreover, there isn’t a lot of freeware available for Mac so you’re gonna end up burning some extra holes in your pocket.

Casual users

So these are the reasons why you shouldn’t invest in a Mac; unless you own a fortune and have spare cash to throw on expensive gadgets. We hope these above tips and tricks help you make an informed decision.

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