15 Putlocker Alternatives Sites In 2023 – Watch Movies Online

You name an old movie, and Putlocker sites gives you the platform to watch it.  You name famous web-series like Friends or Breaking Bad, Putlocker sites again comes on the top of the list of major streaming channel buffs. But since the time Putlocker sites has been blocked by many service providers or the fact it is showing too many ad-pop ups, fans need another platform to satiate their cravings means other best sites like putlocker sites.

You have so many options to pick from the genre while nearing online streaming sites. Be it romantic, horror, anime, biography or fantasy, there are multiple options to pick from and multiple movies to add into the same. Even if you are not able to choose a movie for yourself, these alternatives to Putlocker website help you with the same by using different means.

Hence, we name here best Putlockers websites or say Putlocker alternatives so that you don’t remain lonely and enjoy a great past time watching these Watch Movies Online and series.

Best Sites like Putlocker – Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

  1. Los Movies
  2. Megashare
  3. Popcorn Time
  4. Solar Movie
  5. 123Movies
  6. Porpcornflix
  7. Fmovies
  8. Rainierland
  9. Primewire
  10. Crackle
  11. Watch Online Series
  12. Movie4u
  13. Moonline
  14. Cmovies
  15. Moviewatcher

Let’s explore these websites one by one!

1. Los Movies – Top Putlocker Alternative

Los Movies

Los Movies will not fall short of movies, so make some time-space from your busy schedule. Search the movie by writing its name in the search bar, go with random hints using numeric and alphabetic order or tap on the release date.

The ‘movie genre’ tab from the top is full of options including Korean movies, biography, history, Japanese or adventure. Though it asks you to create a free account to watch movies, and the website may contain some harmful content as well, Los Movies is still one of the best Putlocker alternative sites.

2. Megashare – Movie Sites Like Putlocker


Even the newest releases are available right here! This online streaming site similar to Putlocker is very straightforward and compiles a whole lot of movies and TV series. Find various genres here like thriller, sci-fi, musical, comedy, horror, etc. and enjoy watching it all day long.

The exclusive tab of ‘Top IMDB’ is going to give you the best choice when you are confused about the content and still want a great movie. This is one of the best sites like Putlocker, though it comes up with ad pop-ups when a link is being clicked.

3. Popcorn Time – Easy Navigation For Putlocker Alternative

Popcorn Time

Looking for Best Putlocker alternatives? Popcorn Time is one such place that thrills your mind right from the webpage. It has been enjoying its reputation since the time being and as you swipe left, find multiple numbers of genres to choose from. The best part is that you can even download the content to watch them later. Simply, we would say that this is one of the best Putlockers websites, easy to navigate and lovely to watch.

4. Solar Movie – Best Putlocker Alternatives

Solar Movie

Welcome yourself to the clean interface look, which is considered as one of the best Putlocker alternatives. Things are pretty much sorted at Solar Movie where tabs are smartly divided into Movie genres, TV genres, Top IMDB movie, and Top IMDB TV. Once a user lands here, it is easy for him to locate the next step.

As you scroll down below, you can still find a plethora of genres to pick from. In fact, region-wise division allows watching another side of the story here.

5. 123Movies – All Movies At One Place


Usually, when you can’t search a movie anywhere else, 123movies give you its address straightaway. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as the best Putlockers alternative site. Interestingly, it is safe to land and gives entertainment jam-packed. No need to sign up or face so many pop-ups, just tap on the movie link and enjoy!

Just like how famous streaming services show suggestions based on history, 123movies is pretty smart in the same case.

 6. Popcornflix – Another Similar Site like Putlocker


Absolutely safe to stream and free from unnecessary ads, Popcornflix is one such Putlocker alternative sites that are easily accessible on multiple devices without a glitch. Yes, you may find it a little slow in loading but contains thousands of independent movies, TV shows, web series, and even school originals.

New arrivals, originals, most popular, and then multiple divisions like horror, thriller, drama, awaits your pick up.

7. Fmovies – Good Putlocker Alternative


Another sites like Putlocker is Fmovies containing a modern and very sleek arrival page. Simply, type the movie name or the cast or a related keyword in the first place and find its availability. Moreover, if you scroll down, you will get a small section of movie types, countries and connections with other famous websites like Solar movies, 123 movies, etc.

Yes, it is free of cost and safe to watch moves here but some ads may interrupt the smoothness of services. But relax down, get some popcorns and enjoy your favorite.

8. Rainierland – A Replacement For Putlocker Sites


Remember shows like Rick & Morty or want to watch the latest movies? Oh yes, get ready to find all the best of Putlocker once again with Rainierland. The vastness of content, ability to mark them to watch later and even the new movies that are still in the theatre are right here at your laptop.

9. Primewire


Find what you love to watch just a single click away. Primewire gives you an option to check last added movie so no latest additions are missed. Once again, go for top IMDb rating TV series and movies here.

An interesting aspect to note here is Filter options. So many languages, genres, countries, most viewed, release year, etc. cannot be avoided. Scroll your mouse over any thumbnail to get all the details along with a synopsis.

10. Crackle


Owned by Sony and contains only licensed content, so enjoy watching some exciting content glitch-free. Though it might be blocked in some regions, they can absolutely go for VPN services to watch. Enter the website through a clean user interface which is very much navigable. No extra material on the web and you are good to go!

11. Watch Online Series

Watch Online Series

Finding a good series is one hell of a task. Before you get frustrated with that, this online streaming sites like Putlocker can help you like anything. You can simply go to the dashboard and find out new movies, TV shows, etc. based on genres, release year, rating or age rating. Consider this platform compatible with all kinds of audience.

Interestingly, it collects the best content from major streaming service providers like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, YouTube, etc. for your ultimate entertainment. Wouldn’t it be cool to sit back, relax and binge watch every possible series and movies with this online streaming site.

12. Movie4u


You want top trending movies, top IMDB rating movies or best rated movies? Whatever you want is here! This alternative to Putlocker comes up with most trending movies at the top, to begin with. Next, you have all the alphabets on the website. If you ask what they are for, just click on it and find a number of movies beginning from the same alphabet.

There are multiple genres and release year classification that help in finding out your favorite movie quickly. Can’t decide? Just go to the Trending section and watch it. Though you may find some advertisements pinging you here but you can simply enjoy your movie session with this best Putlocker website alternative.

13. Moonline


Moonline is another website like Putlocker where you scroll down the website and find the Top Movies listicle right in front. Get full HD movies right here with the ratings, top IMDB, requests and more! Just like Movie4u, you have a list of alphabets here as well. If you can’t find what to watch, pick your favorite alphabet and go for it.

There is a search bar option available on the website to find out a movie that has been rolling in your head for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Just open this Putlocker alternative and enjoy watching all favorites everyday!

14. Cmovies


Nowadays Japanese, Chinese and Asian movies are so much loved by everyone. Right? How about having a Putlocker alternative which offers many other international movies from Taiwan, Indian, Thailand or Europe? Yes you can try them all with Cmovies. Once again, you can choose to find genres from anime, action, biography, fantasy, horror, etc.

Anything you want to search, again you have a search bar for you. So many TV series and top IMDB movies, whatever you choose to pick is here! 

15. Moviewatcher


Newly added TV series or latest movies, your choice is settled with this sites similar to Putlocker. All the movie ratings are marked right at the thumbnail, hence you are looking for high rated content, you may even not need to go through ratings content. Comedy, crime, documentary, history, horror or what; you are way more cool to go.

Moviewatcher is another most amazing way to have an entertainment time. This is an amazing way to enjoy Putlocker alternatives and have a binge-watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is Putlocker not working?

Despite being one of the most amazing websites for watching movies, Putlocker has been shut down due to alleged piracy issues. Since it is not legal to distribute movies due to copyright claim, Putlocker stopped working after the website was reported to the United States Trade Representative.

Q2. Is Putlocker legal in the UK?

No. Putlocker is illegal in the UK due to copyright content issues. In fact, the closure of Putlocker was backed up by the United Kingdom itself.

Q3. Is Putlocker still available?

As per the latest updates, it is not known whether Putlocker website is really available or not. However, similar or proxy websites are present all over the internet.

Bring The Popcorns!

We hope you have already kept the popcorn pack in the microwave and are ready to roll. You have already got the list of Putlocker alternatives, simply pay nothing and enjoy everything.

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We recommend Solar movies for its highly clean interface. Various other best sites like Putlocker include Crackle and Megashare for its huge amount of content.

Writer’s Tip: Even if your area doesn’t have access to visit Putlocker, VPN services can help you. Virtual Private Network or VPN is an online streaming service to access blocked content safely and securely.

Whatever device you are using, Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android, we have some great options for you.

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