5 Best Pokemon Go Alternatives Games For Android & iOS

In 2016, Niantic Studios released an innovative location-based game called Pokémon Go that uses Augmented Reality and GPS location technology. The game’s popularity skyrocketed soon after its release, taking the mobile gaming market by storm and quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

The game allows players to catch, battle, and train virtual creatures called “Pokémon” that appear on their mobile device’s screen as if they were in the real world. Players can explore their surroundings to find and catch different types of Pokémon, as well as visit PokeStops to collect items such as Poke Balls and potions.

But in case you are tired of catching the same old Pokémon on your daily walks or being a diehard Pokémon fan looking for some fresh games to add to your collection.  Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Pokémon Go alternatives for both Android and iOS users. These games offer a similar experience to Pokémon Go, but with unique gameplay and features that will keep you hooked. So, let’s dive in and explore what each game has to offer.

5 Best Pokemon Go Alternatives You Must Try

So, if you are a fan of Pokemon Go, but looking for a fresh take on the augmented reality gaming experience? Check out these 5 best Pokémon Go alternatives for Android and iOS that are sure to keep you engaged and entertained.

1. EvoCreo


If you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan looking for an experience that comes close to the core Pokemon gameplay, then EvoCreo is definitely worth considering. This JRPG title features a monster collection and battling system that’s similar to Pokemon, but with its own unique tweaks that give it a fresh feel. With a 30-hour quest and over 170 monsters to collect and evolve, EvoCreo offers a ton of content for players to enjoy. While it is a paid game with in-app purchases available, the purchases are completely optional and won’t interfere with your enjoyment of the game.

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2. Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster

For those seeking a mobile game that feels closer to the classic Pokemon experience, Bulu Monster is a great option to check out. Players embark on a journey to capture a diverse range of monsters and then battle other trainers in intense one-on-one duels. With over 150 monsters to collect and 50 NPC trainers to battle against, Bulu Monster offers a ton of content for players to enjoy. In addition, there are 14 different maps to explore and a well-developed storyline to follow. And is a completely free-to-play game.

3. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay

The game is developed by Kairosoft, a Japanese video game company known for creating simulation and management games for mobile devices. In Beastie Bay, players are tasked with building and managing a colony on a deserted island while also collecting and training monsters called “Beasties.” The game offers a mix of simulation and RPG elements, with players needing to balance the needs of their colony with the task of battling other Beasties to expand their collection. Overall, Beastie Bay offers a respectable job of incorporating all of our favorite fundamental elements from Pokémon.

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4. Ingress


Ingress was actually Niantic’s first AR game, launched back in 2012, and it has since developed a dedicated following. It allows players to explore the world around them while participating in a complex global storyline, the Enlightened or the Resistance, and use their mobile devices to discover and capture “portals” located in real-world locations. The ultimate goal is to control as many portals as possible for your faction. The game has since spawned a sequel, Ingress Prime, which features updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.

5. MonsterCrafter


If you’re looking for a unique take on the monster-collecting genre, then MonsterCrafter might just be the game for you. This game is a creative blend of Minecraft-style building mechanics and Pokemon-inspired battles, with a dash of the old PC game touch thrown in for good measure. Unlike other monster-collecting games, MonsterCrafter allows players to create their own monsters from scratch. Once you’ve created your perfect monster, you can then take it into battle against other players’ creations.

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To Wrap This Up

In conclusion, these 5 games are the best alternatives to Pokemon Go. All of these games offer a unique take on the augmented reality gaming experience and are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So why not give them a try and see which one becomes your new favorite?

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