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Software & apps

Top 4 Best Free Online Screen Recorders In 2022

With video content becoming increasingly popular these days for marketing, screen recording isn’t just a must-have; it’s quintessential. Nowadays, more people have requirements to record their computer screen for several different reaso...

For Windows 10

8 Things to Disable On Windows 10

Windows 10 is by far the most advanced and beautiful looking version of Windows. It comes with a lot of features and tools. However, enabling a lot of features can also put you at risk of exposing your privacy and personal data being shared...

File sharing

How To Transfer Files Using Nearby Sharing On Windows 10

Latest update of Microsoft Windows 10 1803 comes with different useful features. One of them is like Apple’s AirDrop which lets you share links and files wirelessly with other nearby devices. This new feature is called Nearby Sharing. You...


10 Best Gaming Monitors For An Amazing Gaming Experience

Gaming monitor plays an essential part in enhancing your gaming experience. If you are looking to purchase a gaming monitor, many choices with range of size, resolutions, refresh rates, response time, panel technologies are available in mar...

Future Tech

Future Of Cloud Computing: Will It Be Dead Soon?

One of the biggest trends in last decade was to shift to cloud. People started to move their data, business, applications and services to the cloud instead of storing them on their own server or computer. Though the revolution has been here...

Adobe photoshop

21 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins To Save Your Time

When we talk about Adobe Photoshop it’s all about the right colors and intensity used to design and create an image. And when it comes to graphic design and image editing in particular then there are chances that the designer might be usi...


Top 10 LAN Games for Windows PC

LAN (Local Area Network) games are an exciting way to connect and play with friends and family in the same physical location. It lets players connect their gaming computers to play LAN compatible games together. There are many different LAN...