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Security & Privacy

Is AI Creating Or Destroying Jobs For Humans?

Automation has certainly destroyed several jobs, but the same cannot be expected from AI. On contrary to common belief, the new researches have suggested that the Artificially Intelligent machines will need manpower in its initial stage. Th...

Future Tech

SAS- The Rising New Technology for DATA Analytics

Data is the blend of information and knowledge, which is unlike any precious resource that is extracted, refined, and made useful. Today, data is the only thing which links the whole world. As we know, data is growing at very r...


How To Save Data With These Google Chrome Flags Settings

There was a time when we consumed 1 GB data in a month but these days it lasts only for a short duration because of high speed Internet connection. Most of us are often left wondering about the high data consumption. Well! Majority of the w...

Tips & Tricks

‘WebAuthn’ – Alternative to Passwords

You might have used a mobile or a laptop, which comes with fingerprint scanning, where your fingerprints are used instead of passwords for authentication. But now, these scanners can also be used as the alternative to passwords for logging ...

Tips & Tricks

Juice Jacking: Why You Should Avoid Public Chargers?

There might have been many instances when you are outdoors, probably at an airport or shopping mall and your mobile battery dies. We believe that the first thought that comes across your mind is to find the oasis- a charging kiosk and then ...


How To Launch Apps At Startup In Windows 11?

Optimizing your Windows 11 experience involves more than just navigating the sleek interface or exploring new features. One essential aspect of this customization is configuring which applications launch automatically when you start your co...

Software & apps

5 Best Hard Drive Repair Software in 2024

The sinking feeling in your stomach as your computer slows, crashes, or throws cryptic error messages – it's a tech nightmare. Often, the culprit lies within a malfunctioning hard drive. But wait! Before you resign yourself to lost data a...


Why Does My PC Keep Making Duplicates of My Pictures?

Nothing is more annoying than realizing your computer is cluttered with duplicate copies of photos. You may frequently find duplicates popping up in your picture folders and wonder why your PC insists on making unnecessary copies of your ph...


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