Best Ways to Digitize Holiday Photos

Before digital cameras were invented, we used to take pictures using a film roll and get them processed and printed on photo paper. Most of you have hundreds of those photographs tucked nicely in albums. But photo albums are physical and hence have certain limitations. This article suggests the best ways to digitize photos and make your memories everlasting.

Best Ways to Digitize Holiday Photos

Select A Photo Scanner

Photo Scanner

The only way to digitalize photos and documents is to put them under a scanner and capture the digital image on your PC. You would have to research the different types of scanners and then select one that suits your needs. We suggest you opt for the flatbed scanner, a technology that hasn’t changed over the years. It is one of the safest ways to scan your images and convert them into digital photos. Do not opt for clicking a picture with your phone camera, as this would result in losing quality.

Note: Never use a Sheetfed scanner as there are chances of paper jam leading to the loss of the original document and photos.

Scanning apps on your smartphones are very efficient in scanning documents and converting them into PDFs. But this is a substitute for official and work-related purposes where a flatbed scanner is unavailable. When it comes to your memories, a proper scanning device must be used to preserve the originality of the image.

Tips and Strategies for Using a Scanner


First, reap the benefits of the functionality in your scanner’s driver software, which would most likely allow you to distinguish and separate numerous photographs when scanning intelligently. This will enable you to scan as many photographs as possible in one pass and saves a great deal of time.

Second, pick a scanning resolution that is appropriate for your needs. While you might select your scanner’s greatest solution, the outcome will be a rather large file and consume a lot of time. A scan at 300 dpi will suffice for a regular snapshot.

Use a Photo Editing Software

Photo Editing Software

When it comes to digitizing heritage images, having competent photo-editing software makes all the difference. You may use Photoshop Elements to touch up your scans because it has a good mix of fast tools and pro-quality editing features. For basic lighting fixes, red-eye removal, and touch-ups, beginners can start with Quick mode. These easy-to-use tools can help you get your photos ready for posting.

Bonus Tip For Duplicate Photos – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a stunning piece of software that has won numerous awards for being the best duplicate photo removal tool. This software has a high level of accuracy. It is based on a Smart Algorithm that analyses two images using a range of characteristics other than name, size, and file extension. Here’s a rundown of what the software can accomplish for you:

Sort through your photos and put them in order

Identical image files no longer required are removed, resulting in a more organized and up-to-date image collection.

The results that have been categorized

Duplicates are sorted to keep the best and reject the rest.

Performing a Quick Scan

Examine your photos to see if there are any similar duplicates or images.

It’s designed to work with Google Drive

You can search for and delete identical photos in Google Drive without transferring your whole collection to your hard disk.

Both internal and external storage devices are supported

The software supports internal and external storage devices, such as external hard drives, USB pen drives, and SD cards connected to your PC through an adapter.

Finding Duplicates Using a Variety of Scanning Methods

You may scan and discover duplicates in your photo collection using a variety of modules. This includes using time intervals, GPS, and other characteristics to find related photos and obtain precise and similar matches.

Duplicates are automatically noted

When the application displays the scan results, you can pick Auto-Mark to duplicate images while leaving one original image unmarked in each group.

The Final Word on Best Ways to Digitize Holiday Photos

I hope you find the above tips and tricks useful to digitalize your memories and view them on your PC or smartphone. Once you have scanned all your photos, it is essential to filter out the duplicates so that you can preserve storage space on your hard disk.

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