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How To Fix “Instagram Music Not Working 2023” Problem!

In recent months, a lot of IG users have reported ‘Music won't play on Instagram story’ issue in 2023. Adding your favorite soundtrack to a photo/video, certainly makes the stories more appealing and engaging. So, when the error message...


Top 10 Ways to Disconnect iPhone from Mac

The two finest and most well-known operating systems ever created are iOS and  macOS.  Both the platforms are tightly integrated, allowing users to  handle both the OSes  effectively, share documents/files/data with ease & execute a...

For Android

Best Ways To Video Chat Between Android And iphone

Today, people can connect with everyone instantly with their smartphones! With inception of front-facing cameras, several apps found their way to industry through which one could video chat! Creating video chat applications for similar OS w...

Apple Watch

6 Apple Watch Tips to Make the Most of your Run!

Starting up a new fitness plan always sounds like a great plan but when it comes to sticking to it and following it forever, that’s where most of us fail! Well, no matter how hard you try fitness is not something that can be achieved over...

Future Tech

iOS 12: 7 New iPad Features Coming This Fall!

This fall not just your iPhone, but your iPad is getting an all new makeover too with iOS 12! Apart from basic iOS 12 features your iPad will be getting a few more changes and packs a ton of new features that’ll leave you surprised. iOS 1...


RecordPad – An Amazing Audio Recording Software

Ever faced challenges recording audio on your Windows PC or a Mac? Well, after trying RecordPad Sound Recorder, every audio recording task will seem so easy and simplified. Who They Are? RecordPad is one of the most amazing creations of...


Norton Antivirus Plus: What’s the Catch?

Symantec Symantec is known as the global leader of next generation cyber security. Symantec was founded in April 1982 in Sunnyvale, CA and has secured a place in fortune 500 companies around the world. With over 13,000 employees and more t...