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10 Best SMS Marketing Software To Send Bulk Text Message

No matter how much we rely on email, text messages are more reliable, as they provide direct contact and crisp information. According to a survey, SMS marketing is more successful than email marketing. People often tend to ignore emails mor...


New Tools To Limit Facebook and Instagram Time & Usage

However, it’s been a tough season for Facebook, but it isn’t giving up. With so much done in the past year to make the platform safest to use, it’s just been an incredible makeover that deserves applause. With all new policies, too...


Best Tablet for Kids In 2023

Many people think that in order to protect our kids from the evils of social media, one needs to keep them completely away from the internet. What that indirectly leads to is that the child is deprived of basic social and pop cultural influ...


How to Use Your Smartphone as Heads-up display

Every day we see hundreds of innovations to make our driving experience better and safe. The early stages of driving were full of experiments. But thankfully, we now enjoy technical refinements to enhance our driving experience. If we ta...

Software & apps

15 Best Push Notification Services 2023

Nowadays people use so many apps on their smartphone. Brands have their own apps and websites. With so many diversions available for customer, it is very challenging for marketers to communicate with them. What Are Push Notifications Servi...


Art Lovers Rejoice! These Apps Are Just For You!

Art has always been defined as a tool to express oneself visually, by performing plays, still life artifacts, or any format that helps in expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill. There are no rules around art. One of the most...

Audio Editing

6 Best Ringtone Cutter Apps for iOS

You may not like the ringtone or alarm tone of your iPhone, and want to have your own personalized ringtone. There are apps that allow you to create your own customized ringtone by cutting the best parts of your favorite music and using it ...