10 Best Offline Shooting Games For iOS

In this digital era, we’re always online, be it watching Netflix or playing games. However, there are many times when you don’t have access to internet, signal or Wi-Fi issues where you get nothing to kill your time while commuting and out in the middle of nowhere.  Fortunately, there are tons of wonderful offline shooting games for iPhone and iPad that always got your back.

Moreover, playing offline sniper games are not only fun but also pose as a real stress buster. It can also save your mobile data along with system resources on your device.

Why You Need Offline Shooting Games?

If you’re one of those who is always worried about battery of the iPhone while playing games with internet, then you can go for offline shooting games that can help you to save a tremendous amount of battery for play another round. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for the internet and Wi-Fi signals when you’re in basement, you can play offline zombie and sniper games get a delightful experience anywhere anytime.

10 Best Offline Shooting Games For iOS

Here, we’re going to list some of the best offline shooting games for iOS that get your back all the time when you’ve internet related problems.



Ratings: 4.7 Stars

Lonewolf is an amazing offline game that comes with a deep neo-noir story driven sniper adventure mission to thriller your journey with lot of violence. It is an engaging and full of mystery storyline-based game that allow you to try your hands-on nipper, rifles, handguns, bombs, and other dangers gadgets. It is a great game where you get to feel, imagine characters and weapon to calm down yourself when you’re not in good mood or want to divert your mind of something.

Features of Lonewolf:

  • You can win the mission and take a trophy to celebrate your victory.
  • Lonewolf helps you to get the experience of getting your hands on astonish and latest scopes, Pistols, Handguns, Bombs and Rifles.
  • It is thrilling game that is always give you fresh, breathtaking and intense missions to keep you engage all the time.
  • If you are into the mission and want to play it over and over then you can simply replay your favorite kind of missions with Handguns and Rifles.

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2. Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

With Into The Dead 2, you can experience of zombie apocalypse where you need to fight for the your survival and your family’s too. Apart from getting experience of being a fighting soldier, you can arm yourself with latest and heavily powerful weapons to fight against zombies and staying protected in the field. As the name reflects, this game is about making zombies dead along with discovering new locations, rural farm communities and visiting military bases to campsites.

Features of Into The Dead 2:

  • Into The Dead 2 gives you an unforgettable experience of living a life that is full of adventure.
  • You will daily as well as elite event modes where you can prove your skills to win exclusive prizes to keep yourself motivated.
  • It is an amazing game that comes with complete 7 action-packed chapters which has 60 stages, and tons of challenges and hurdles.
  • You can adapt your strategies to annihilate different hordes, including running and armored zombies.

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3. Overkill 3

Overkill 3

Ratings: 4.4 Stars

Overkill 3 is rated as 4.4-stars which is designed by Craneballs s.r.o. It is an amazing game that has around eight environments with over 60 battlefields and four game modes where you will get various kind of powerful guns to shoot. Apart from trying and experiencing new dangers gadgets, you can also enjoy chopper and helicopter rides in digital form. Indeed, it is one of the best offline shooting games for iOS users.

Features of Overkill 3:

  • You can access online profile to checkout your achievements and statistics.
  • Unlike other offline shooting games, here you can use lobby room with chat to look out for team-mates.
  • In the lobby room, you can also tease your competitor, enemies and talk about your winning strategies.
  • In the Heli-mode, you get to the chopper rides and target your enemies by showering the bullets right from the sky.

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4. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Hitman Sniper is an incredible iOS shooting games to play offline where you can not only kill your spare time in the possible way but also discover the most compelling sniper experience on iPhone and iPad. You can play and protect yourself by using the unique rifles with comes with powerful abilities and capabilities.

Features of Hitman Sniper:

  • You can get your hands on seven vigorous weapons, like guns, bombs and rifles.
  • You can play the games in your way by collecting the weapon parts and eliminating targets and using the most powerful rifles to stay protected be merciless to zombies.
  • To deal with the uncover secrets and subterfuges, you can work on your strategy for the perfect assassination.
  • With Hitman Sniper, you can get over 11 contracts and 150 missions to make your journey more exciting.

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5. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

It is an amazing zombie-based game that has been played and appreciated by over 100 million users. Dead Trigger 2 is an enormous field zombie killing games which is constantly updated. You can get frontier-pushing graphics that has real-time water reflections, enhanced ragdoll physics and dynamic vegetation. With Dead Trigger 2, you can face apocalypse and fight for your survival.

Features of Dead Trigger 2

  • You can go to war with players those are from across the world and experience the feeling of being a legend in the new Purgatory arena.
  • With this offline shooting game for iPhone and iPad, you can explore for your hideout and explore the support of Engineer, Scientist and Smuggler.
  • It is an intense game offline shooting games for iOS which you can play anytime you want or multiple times a day.
  • When you can battle with zombies while exploring over 33 environments and ten regions.

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6. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

Mad Bullets is a game designed by Istom Games Kft. It is one of the best iOS shooting games to play offline especially who wants to explore beautiful graphics and heavy weapons. The game is all about shooting the bad guys with a beautiful damsel in distress, cowboy shooter and American ninjas. You can score high by controlling the easiest shooting controls on any platform.

Features of Mad Bullets:

  • The game provides real challenge to give you more unforgettable gaming experience than ever.
  • While playing this high pace game, you can experience over 50 levels, 3 locations, 50 levels, 200 missions and 4 minigames.
  • It is a classic game which helps you to rescue hostages.
  • It is an amazing game which is suitable for bringing sorrow and anxiety out the life while playing it.

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7. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

Sniper Fury is a fantastic game that has mind-blowing graphics and great missions. With this amazing game, you get a chance of shoot railguns, sniper, bombs, rifles, and other threatening weapons. You can also fight in the sandstorms, rain storms, blizzards, and further ironic impressive effects. Sniper Fury is an easy to play game which helps you to get rid of tedium routine and gives you a unique and challenging mission to kill competitors.

Features of Sniper Fury:

  • With Sniper Fury, you can easily build a tough squad to ensure your loot safe in PvP Multiplayer mode.
  • Unlink the other iOS offline shooting games, with Sniper Fury, you can share and trade resources with your Clan mates to strengthen each other.
  • You can go in the future in the digital form with unbelievable 3D graphics where you can explore urban skyscrapers to exotic locations.
  • If you’re an iPhone user, then you can enjoy 3D Touch at the time of scoping your enemies.

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8. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

It is a free, fast and powerful offline shooting games for iOS users which is designed by Gameloft. The game supports you to make every bullet count in a 4v4 multiplayer strike. This Legacy can bring stupefying graphics and best 3D sci-fi FPS feel for real.  This game allows you to check your strength and potential while fighting with aliens to safeguard Earth from intruders. Certainly, it is a must have game in your iPhone.

Features of N.O.V.A Legacy:

  • The games are an amazing way to pass your time while commuting, subways and cafes.
  • The game lets you play the single-player campaign offline to protect Earth from aliens.
  • With N.O.V.A Legacy, you can password protect your private multiplayer matches.
  • The game supports customization of your marine with a kind of special skins and 3D models.

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9. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Sniper X With Jason Statham

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

It is one of the best iOS shooting games to play offline where you can team up with other soldiers and fight to save the world. You can also try out your world’s supreme and powerful weapon against the forces of terror and chaos.

Like other offline shooting games, this game also allows you to interact with one player where you can discuss winning strategies and approaches by chatting or messaging each other. Indeed, it is an amazing game for the people who have a thing for snipers.

Features of Sniper X With Jason Statham:

  • With Sniper X With Jason Statham, you can destroy evil soldiers, vehicles, officers, and continue in the race of saving the world from evils.
  • You can get extra focus by zooming in and slow down time which comes with a sniper rifle to comfort your journey.
  • You can groom your skills and earn cash by getting upgrades in SPEAR’s Training Grounds.
  • Being a sniper, you can easily explore hundreds of military missions in unbelievable 3D environments and surroundings.

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10. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns- Gang Showdown

Ratings: 4.4 Stars

Last but not the least, Six Guns – Gang Showdown is another intuitive offline shooting games for iPhone and iPad.  With this incredibly thrilling game where you get to explore an open Wild West frontier full of cowboys, vampires and bandits. You can shoot unnatural enemies to save the world from them. If you’re into adventure, then certainly it is a perfect offline game for every age group people.

Features of Six Guns- Gang Showdown:

  • With Six Guns, you can try out great collections of attires, nineteen weapons, ammo and many more things that can come in handy in your journey.
  • You can have a thrilling journey by participating in a huge range of tasks and over 40 missions.
  • You can take out robbers, racehorses, and fend off waves of competitors.
  • You get to explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon full of events where you can challenge yourself and check out about your strength and weakness.

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Playing shooting games is beneficial for improving to your focus and effective to build your mental skills. Sniper games are helpful for increasing your knowledge about various kind of guns, snipers and rifles if you are keen to gather it. You can go with the game that excites you develop your interest.

Overall, these are some of the amazing and best offline shooting games for iOS that offers almost everything that is required to get an unforgettable gaming experience. Let us know in the comments box if you liked any of the trendy offline sniper games that can be made to this list and do not forget to share your favorite game as well.


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