GoT Meets Tech Giants: Who Could Be What!

Game of Thrones is probably the biggest fantasy show of our times. Based on books by George R.R Martin, ‘The song of Ice and Fire’ tells a tale of knights and kings. Of dynasties destroyed with the blink of an eye.

The 7th season of the epic series has ended and its followers have a long two year wait ahead of them. With tech giants always trying to outdo each other, we GoT thinking, which technology companies exhibit characteristic resemblances with the main players of the fantasy series.

And here’s what we think…

1. Google – Jon Snow

Not many would have thought that Jon Snow would finally end up being tied to the Targaryens? Likewise, not many know Google’s parent company is Alphabet.

Google – Jon Snow

Whatever be the case, people love Google & Jon Snow. The loyalist bases the two have, are second to none. Unlike other tech companies who just acquire smaller companies to kill competition, Google has always taken them under its wing. Take YouTube for example; Google bought the now ubiquitous video streaming and uploading platform, in 2006, when the nascent company was hardly known.

Resonates with what Jon did with Sam, doesn’t it? Samwell was an ‘embarrassment’ for his Lord Father. So, he was sent away to ‘man up’ and be a part of Night Watch. Jon, however, protected the bookish and timid banished royal scion from bullies and forged a lifelong friendship with him.

That makes Snow and Google quite alike.

2. Microsoft – Cersei Lannister

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Microsoft – Cersei Lannister

You might hate her, but you cannot deny that she is among the most deviously cunning characters you’ll ever come across. Just like Microsoft playing its cards right in spite of all the flak it receives on n’ off.

Windows has forever been suffering from security woes. The latest OS – viz. Windows 10 – has faced some serious customer grievances and even got Microsoft dragged to court. Yet, it continues to dominate the personal and business space alike.

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Microsoft even had its ‘walk of atonement’ moment with the Windows Phone. But it recovered quickly by launching the Surface Pro, killing all its competition in the hybrid tablet market. Now, that’s something like Cersei destroying the Sept of Baelor to evade her trail.

Microsoft has also acquired few other big tech companies such as LinkedIn & Skype to increase its market value, just like Cersei trying to consolidate her reign at King’s Landing by forging an alliance with Euron Greyjoy.

What’s more Microsoft has been voted amongst the worst places to work at owing to constant layoffs. Cersei does not care about her own peoples’ well-being. She is neither the rightful owner of the iron throne, nor does she deserve to be on it.

Microsoft and the Queen Mother are necessary evils!

3. Facebook – Tyrion Lannister

You cannot help but love Tyrion. Likewise, you cannot help but be on Facebook!

Facebook – Tyrion Lannister

Facebook has been much maligned for literally dictating the average millennial’s everyday life to making foes out of friends! Tyrion has been accused for many things he didn’t do. From trying to murder Bran Stark to causing his Mother’s death, that too by his sister.

Irrespective of these allegations both Facebook and Tyrion are infectious. You lose track of time scrolling and posting through Facebook. Tyrion’s charisma lies in his knowledge and wit. You start missing him when he’s not on the screen flexing his little fingers and making his weird faces while spewing out information about things you would never know existed.

Tyrion also has a knack of knowing who to join hands with, at the most opportune moment. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp further seals its likeness to The Imp.

4. Apple – Arya Stark

The north remembers. So, does the iCloud. Who wouldn’t draw parallels between the most kickass company in the world and the most badass character in the entire Game of Thrones universe.

Apple – Arya Stark

Arya has a clear goal. Revenge for her family. Anyone who comes in the way is crushed. Apple has the same philosophy, to be the biggest company in the world. Both had humble beginnings, both wanted to grow. Apple, just like Arya has been through a lot.

As of now, ‘No one’ would mess with either Arya or the world’s most sophisticated smartphone maker. Let’s not even get started about brand loyalty. As the most valuable brand in the world, it’s consumers don’t even think of having a look at Android phones. Arya is the most valuable of the true-born Starks. She avenged the ‘Red Wedding’ all on her own.

5. Tesla – Varys

I serve the realm.” Famous words of Lord Varys, Master of Whisperers.

Tesla – Varys

He might serve the king/queen that sits on the throne, but his ultimate goal is in bringing back prosperity & peace across the seven kingdoms. Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla is somewhat similar. It is not a tech company that would raise the average Joe’s curiosity, but it promises to deliver the greater good with the aid of technology.

Climate change is a cause that we should all be worried about. But very few companies are doing something worthwhile to make the World a sustainable place for future generations. Tesla is an exception; it is doing whatever it takes to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. If it means joining the US President’s advisory committee, so be it.

Difficult to not draw parallels between Lord Varys & Tesla, whose eventual goal is to have a better world, at least going by their actions.

6. Twitter – Little Finger

Such a tattletale, this one. Oh yes! It excels in getting information & news going from one part of the world to another in a moment’s time.

Twitter – Little Finger

Petyr Baelish may be a man of few words but those few words are enough to make the entire world burn and perish. Never trust Little Finger. Similarly, don’t make Twitter your Bible to know what’s going on in the real world. Hashtags are as deceptive and half-informed as they can get.

Little Finger acts out of self-interest. His seemingly helpful acts – like saving Sansa – have some sort of ulterior motive. Twitter has been accused of manipulating their algorithm for ‘trending hashtags’ to create false notions of urgency or pushing a certain cause, that could perhaps affect the company’s standing in the public domain. Either can not to be trusted, at all!

7. Samsung – Margaery Tyrell

She started off as a naive young girl, who one day decided to be the queen of the world. Samsung’s journey has been no different.

Samsung – Margaery Tyrell

The Korean super giant humbly put out devices & electronics until it decided to join hands with Google & introduce Android to the world. It’s currently the largest manufacturer of smart phones in the world.

Microsoft hates Samsung. Cersei hated Margaery. Involved in several legal battles, Samsung continues to dominate the Android phone market.

Can you think of any other tech giant that could give GoT characters a run for their money? Let us know in the comments below.

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