How to Fix the “No Cameras Are Attached” error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10?

Your PC’s camera has become one of the most important features after the Work From Home culture has set in due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Before the current situation, the camera was mostly used for personal calls and a few professional ones. But now as most of the businesses have accepted working from remote locations, the camera has become the most used component as it is also used by schools and colleges for online education and even by banks for the online KYC process. However, there are chances that your camera fails to work or turn on and provide the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached error in Windows 10.

This article provides a compilation of the best troubleshooting steps to resolve the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached in Windows 10 as compiled from various tech forums.

How to Fix the “No Cameras Are Attached” error in Windows 10

The following methods should resolve the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached error in your PC. You must check your camera status after completing each method successfully and can ignore the remaining methods if your issue has been resolved.

Method 1: Enable Camera App

The camera app is turned on by default on your computer and should work fine. But if you are getting the no cameras are attached error, then the first step you must carry out is to check if your camera app is turned on. This can be done by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open the Settings window.

Step 2: Click on the Privacy option among the other options.


Step 3: Now click on Camera from the left panel of the Privacy window.

Privacy window

Step 4:  Click on the Change button under Allow Access to Camera on this Device and turn the Camera access ON.

Step 5: Ensure that the toggle button under Allow Apps To Access Your Camera is slid towards the right and is turned on.

If any of the settings were turned off, then turning them on will resolve your camera issues else move to the next step.

Method 2: Reset the Camera App

The Camera App is a default program by Microsoft in Windows 10 that manages the camera of your PC. However, this app may stop responding over time and display the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached error in Windows 10 PC. Here are the steps to reset the camera app:

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open the Settings window.

Step 2: Next click on Apps and then on Apps & Features.

Apps & Features

Step 3: A list of apps installed on your computer will appear on the right panel of the window.

Step 4: You can either scroll down or type “Camera” in the search box to locate the Camera App.

Step 5: Click on the Camera app to reveal the options and click on the Advanced options.


Step 6: A new window will open with options and app permissions. Scroll down until you locate the Reset Button and click on it.

Step 7: A prompt will be displayed notifying the consequences of this action. You can read the prompt and then click on the reset button within the prompt.


Once your Camera app is reset, reboot your computer and check if you are still facing the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached error in Windows 10 PC.

Method 3: Update Camera Driver

The next method recommended by experts is to update the camera driver. A driver is a small program that communicates the instructions from the user to the hardware and vice versa. It is important to update the drivers so that there remains no communication gap between the hardware and the software. To update the driver easily, you can use a third-party driver updater software like Advanced Driver Updater. This app can automatically scan your computer for driver issues like outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers and fix the issue by replacing them with updated ones. Here are the steps to use Advanced Driver Updater on your PC:

Step 1: Download & Install Advanced Driver Updater on your PC using the download button provided below.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, launch it open and click on the Start Scan Now button.

scan now

Step 3: After the scan is complete, a list of driver issues will appear on your screen within the app interface.

Step 4: Locate the Camera App driver among the list of driver issues and click on the Update Driver link beside it.

Update all

Step 5: This will initiate the process of updating your camera drivers with the latest and most compatible driver available.

Step 6: Restart your PC and check if the 0xa00f4244 no cameras are attached error persists.

Method 4. Scan for Virus & Malware

The final method suggested by experts is to scan your computer for malware. If all the above steps do not fix the issue, then it means that there could be a foreign entity that is blocking access to your camera app. This foreign entity could be in the form of a virus or any other type of malware. There are many different antivirus applications available in the software market including Microsoft’s default app known as Windows Defender. You can use anyone you prefer but we suggest you opt for an efficient antivirus known as Systweak Antivirus. Our team at We The Geek has been using this app for quite some time now and finds it to be more efficient than another popular antivirus available.

Systweak Antivirus

systweak antivirus

Systweak Antivirus is an amazing application to identify and eliminate different types of malware from your PC in real-time. It also features an exploit protection feature that allows it to detect potential threats in addition to the certified entries on the virus definition list.

➢     Real-Time protection.

➢     Different Scan Modes.

➢     Secure Web Browsing.

➢     Delete Startup Items.

➢     Adblocker module

The Final Word On How to Fix the “No Cameras Are Attached” error in Windows 10?

The 0xa00f4244 No Cameras Are Attached error in Windows 10 can halt your life and bring your day to a standstill if the camera app does not seem to function on your laptop/desktop. This is not only true for people who work remotely but also for students who receive online classes from their schools or colleges and for others who want to see and speak to their loved ones. This error can be easily resolved with the above methods and resume your life back to normal. Do let us know if you faced this problem and which step helped you to resolve the issue in the comments section below. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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