New Features in Update of Google Maps for iPhone.

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Google Maps is a widely-used GPS Navigation app. It helps you navigate smoothly and is loaded with features such as real time traffic, booking online cab and much more. We have already discussed some the features of Google maps in our previous articles. This time in an update for iOS users it has brought some amazing features. These features may compel you to use Google Maps over the Apple maps. However, some of these features are already Apple Maps but still Google has tried hard to make Maps the best Navigation app. Here are the features which you will get in the latest version (4.30.0) of Google Maps for iPhone.

On taping the point indicating your current location on map it will show you three options.


  1. Share your location:

You can now directly share your location when you see it on the Map. Though location sharing feature was there in previous versions but it is now easier to share your location.

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  1. Set Parking location:

It is very simple to track your parking location on Google Maps. It is a completely new feature which allows you to save you parking location. Just tap on your current location and set it as your parking location.

  1. Download offline areas:

If you want to download offline map for an area around your current location, then you can now easily download offline area by taping your current location and defining area to download.

Not only this in the updated version of Google Maps for iPhone you can also add a widget for Google maps. This widget will help you to get directions even when screen is locked.


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So, we can say Google is continuously working hard on Maps to make it the best application for Navigation. Go ahead and try these amazing features of Google Maps on your iPhone and wait for the next update to bring you some more.

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