How to Turn off Automatic App Updates on iPhone

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Have you ever wondered that why your Cellular Data wiped out even when you haven’t surfed the internet, downloaded any songs, or watched any videos or for that matter touched your phone?

Have you ever considered that the automatic updates are turned on your iPhone, updating the apps automatically and consuming data in the background?

Automatic Updates is a feature that came along with iOS 7 and above which allows update to installed apps to download and install themselves, allowing for a very hands-off approach to the app updating process.

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The good thing is we can control what apps need to be updated!

Let’s know how to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone –


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Unlock your device and navigate Settings on your IOS device.



Locate and Tap on iTunes & App store.



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Here you will get the option to enable or disable Automatic Downloads for your apps and music.


Scroll to the right to enable and left to disable the Automatic Updates.

TADA! It is done.

It is recommended, Automatic Downloads should be done when connected to Wi-Fi not on Cellular Data, so keep your Cellular Data turned off unless you want a pocket in your hole.

These are simple steps with which you can manage your data and choose whether you want to update an app or not. If you want your device to perform at max, it is recommended to turn off the Automatic Downloads, it will not only bring out the ‘A’ game of your device, but will also save the data of your internet pack. There are some more benefits to it, it saves the battery life and reduces the background activities.

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On the other hand, if you don’t want to miss out any updates and don’t have time to manually do it and want to save data as well, turn off the Cellular Data so whenever you will get connected to a Wi-Fi connection, the work would be done.

Well, almost everything has pros and cons. Leaving Automatic Updates on is good as it keeps your apps up to date and also reduces the issues that we might face in regards to the outdated apps. On the other hand, it can be bad as well, as the apps that you don’t use anymore can get updated and consume your valuable internet data. Moreover, you might not get to know what’s new in the latest updates for an app.

So, what have you decided, would you turn off the automatic updates or leave them on??

Let us know what have chosen!

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