4 Most Common Phone Charging Myths: Time to Reveal the Truth

Does overnight charging harm your device’s battery? Is it right to use our phones when it’s plugged for charging? Do we really have to wait until our phone’s battery drops to 0% and dies before we charge it? Would our device battery explode if we answer a call while it’s plugged into power? Well, these are a few common thoughts that keep wandering in every smartphone user’s mind. So, if these questions have crossed your mind as well, you’re not alone!

We keep hearing plenty of advice on phone charging over the news, social media or maybe from our friends. And thus it has now become utterly impossible to draw a clear line between fact and myth. We no longer know what to believe! We certainly cannot ignore it as well because charging our smartphones is one job that we need to do right.

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In this post, we will be listing 4 common phone charging myths which we have always perceived wrong, along with an honest truth about how phone charging should actually be considered.

Let’s get started and get these facts clear in our heads to keep our smartphone’s battery healthy for the long run.

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Overnight Charging

As we’re too caught up in our monotonous routines, we rarely get any time during the day. We use our smartphones all day long until our phone’s battery is almost exhausted. What next? We plug our devices to power before we sleep so that the next morning our smartphone is 100% charged and ready for use. So, is it good or bad? You must’ve heard a couple of rumors about how overnight charging your smartphone can have adverse effects on the phone’s battery.

Overnight Charging
Image Source: Psafe

So, the truth is that you have no reason to be worried about overnight charging. Smartphones of this generation are “smart enough” to detect when the battery level has reached up to 100 and then they automatically stop consuming power. Guess, it’s time to say goodbye to this myth which we’ve forever been believing.

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Zero to Hundred Charging

Zero to Hundred Charging
Image Source: Life Hacker

Aren’t some of you too skeptical about charging your smartphone? Especially the ones who keep waiting until their smartphone battery reaches 0% or dies out until they plug it for charging. Well, this is another most common phone charging myths that we’ve all got wrong. Tech experts have stated that you can charge your device whenever you want, irrespective of what the current battery status is. So, yes, now you can easily plugin and plug out the charging cable from your smartphone whenever you like it.

Using Phone When It’s on Charge

Using Phone When Its on Charge
Image Source: Dignited

A lot of news and rumors were speculated that it is unsafe to use your device when it’s plugged to power. Some even say that your phone might just explode if you touch it when it’s on the charge. Well, this is all myth! You can anytime use your phones, even when it’s charging and it won’t have any harmful effect on your device’s battery health.

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Enabling Location Services Consumes Battery

Enabling Location Services Consumes Battery
Image Source: Apple Support

We always need some or the other thing to blame the moment something goes wrong, isn’t it? Our smartphone is power-packed with a bunch of useful features and location services are one of them. A lot of apps and services use our current location helping us to accomplish our daily tasks easily, say booking a cab, ordering food online and more. There are a lot of myths associated with the fact that location services consume a lot of battery and we should not keep it enabled 24/7.

Well, tech experts have stated that it doesn’t have that big of an effect, as much as we think. So, yes you can freely keep the location services enabled and make the most of your smartphone experience.


We hope we cleared your doubts about phone charging myths that we’ve been blindly following all our lives. Modern-day smartphones are equipped with advanced technology and smartphone manufacturers are taking care of every little detail to make their devices outstanding and par with excellence. So, yes you have almost nothing to worry about!

P.S. Avoid using cheap accessories and always stick to original charging cables and adapters. Original and genuine accessories may come with an expensive tag compared to local ones but if you want to keep your device battery in optimum health, you certainly won’t regret this decision.

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