MiniTool PDF Editor Review – Features, Pricing, and Other Aspects

PDFs are the most acceptable formats when it comes to reading and sharing documents. This one document format can accommodate text, images, spreadsheets, CAD files, and various other file formats. Gone are the days when readers only used PDFs for viewing, today you can perform an ocean of tasks.

You can edit PDF documents just like any other document, you can annotate, compress and convert your PDFs to a variety of file formats and vice versa. But for that, you would need PDF editing software.

MiniTool PDF Editor Review

In this post, we are going to review MiniTool PDF Editor which is regarded as one of the best PDF editing utilities. In this post, we’ll discuss its various features, pricing, and other aspects.

Pricing – Free Vs Paid

minitool pdf plans

MiniTool PDF Editor comes in two variants – free and paid. You can use MiniTool PDF Editor as a free PDF editing software for 7 days. During this timeframe, you can try out all the features of this PDF editing software. After the trial period is over, you can purchase a premium version.

As for the paid versions, MiniTool PDF Editor offers three plans – The Monthly Plan, The Yearly Plan, and The Ultimate Plan. You can find the price breakdown of each of these plans in the screenshot below.

How To Use MiniTool PDF Editing Software?

  1. Download, install and run the free MiniTool PDF Editor.
  2. From the home screen, choose a task you want to perform. From here you can also access the “Recent Files”.
  3. You can either select a task and then open a file or you can drag and drop a PDF document and then perform a task.
  4. For example, here we dragged and dropped a PDF file into the interface. If you focus on the top green colored menu bar, you will see a range of options. By clicking on each of these options, the subsequent options to will change. As you can see, by clicking on “Annotate”, there further are options for annotating PDF documents.
    How To Use MiniTool PDF
  5. Once you have made the changes you can click on the save button located at the top left to save the document.
  6. To add more PDFs, you can click on the “+” sign and the next PDF will be opened as a tab.

What’s The Interface Like?

Once you download MiniTool PDF Editor, the home screen offers you several options with which you can open, create, edit, or manage PDFs. On the home screen, you will also manage settings related to the layout, general settings, and other settings.

You can create PDFs from a variety of file formats such as blank PDFs, create PDFs from CAD files, images, etc. The home screen also has options to convert, compress and merge and split PDFs.

The next section comprises “Recent Files” where all the recently opened files can be seen. To remove a file from the “Recent Files” section you can click on the red colored “-” icon that appears just at the bottom of the file. You can also view files as a list or in the form of a grid.

When you click on a PDF document to open it, it opens in the form of a tab. This means you can click on the “+” icon and add as many PDFs as possible.

Since there are several options, you may not be able to see all the options at once, especially if you have snapped the PDF’s window with others. You may have to pull one of the sides of the interface to expand it and see the options.

You can open multiple PDF documents in the form of tabs. As a PDF file manager, you can easily navigate between the opened PDF document and perform tasks.

Reasons Why You Should Choose MiniTool PDF Editor

1. Several Editing Options

Several Editing Options

MiniTool PDF Editor comes with several editing tools that let you edit your PDF just like a Word document. You can add text just like in the case of a Word document or any other word processor. Furthermore, you can change the font, and color, increase/ decrease indentation, add text as a subscript or superscript and do a lot more.

If you look at the farthest right, you will see a dropdown that lets you choose what is it that you want to edit – a paragraph, object, or a block of text.

Not only text, when you download MiniTool PDF Editor you can also edit images as well.  To do that click on the image that you want to edit and you will be able to see a range of options with which you can increase or decrease the size of the image, rotate or replace the image and even increase or decrease its transparency.

Please note that if a PDF is a scanned PDF or image-only PDF, you won’t be able to edit it. You will also not be able to search within such PDF documents.

2. Go Incognito

The “Incognito Mode” is normally associated with browsers. But, this is a nifty feature in MiniTool PDF Editor as well. When this option is enabled, the file you have viewed won’t be shown in the “Recent Files” section. Also, your “File Conversion” history will not be saved.

3. Advanced PDF Protection Features

Advanced PDF Protection Features

There could be instances when you want to password-protect your PDFs. Or, in case, the PDF exclusively belongs to your organization, you might want to add a customized watermark. MiniTool PDF Editor comes with a variety of tools to do just that.

You can encrypt your PDFs using a password. Not just for restricting a person to view a file but also to impose desired restrictions. For example, you can add permissions for annotation, editing, printing, and copying.

4. Merge and Split PDF In A Hassle-Free Manner

Merge and Split PDF In A Hassle-Free Manner

The PDF editing software lets you combine or merge multiple PDF documents into one document. You can even go the other way around. You can split a document into pages as per your liking.

When merging PDFs you can specify the page range, add multiple PDF files and select an output path where the merged PDFs will be saved. When splitting PDF documents, again you can choose a page range and choose the way how you want to split the document. For instance, you can split the PDF document evenly, split after specified pages, or specify a custom splitting range as can be seen in the screenshot below.

5. Sign PDFs

Sign PDFs

Tired of signing PDF documents? MiniTool free PDF Editor lets you sign your PDF documents in a hassle-free manner. You can type your signature, and upload an image of your sign (recommended).

6. Convert PDF To Multiple File Formats and Vice Versa

Convert PDF To Multiple File Formats and Vice Versa

MiniTool PDF Editor supports a large number of file formats in which you can convert your PDF and alternatively, you can also convert documents of a variety of file formats to PDF. Not just you can also convert your PDFs to searchable or scanned copies and convert the scanned copies to editable PDF documents since the MiniTool PDF Editor comes with OCR capabilities.

7. Annotate PDF Using Several Elements

Even as free PDF editing software, you can annotate your PDF documents with several elements and make them more interactive. You can highlight important sections of your PDF documents using a variety of colors. When denoting corrections in your document, you can strikethrough the text that you want the user to remove. Furthermore, you can add lines, shapes, arrows, underlines, and squiggly lines

8. Compress Large PDF Files

Compress Large PDF Files

Sometimes the need arises when you have to make the size of the PDF file smaller so that you can share it with others. For instance, you may want to compress the PDF document when mailing it to someone else. MiniTool PDF Editor lets you compress multiple files. When compressing a PDF document you can choose the compression level – high, low, or medium and even see the size of the document after it is compressed.

9. Translate PDF Into Several Languages

You can translate the text pieces in your PDF into a variety of languages. It works on the same principle as Google Translate. But, here if you want to translate a piece of text, you won’t have to open up Google Translate and do the translation. Instead, you can use translator features within the PDF editing software.

10. Text To Speech

Text To Speech

You can also enable the text-to-speech feature and MiniTool PDF Editor will convert the text of the PDF into speech.  At present, the PDF editing software can convert the text of PDF into the languages shown in the screenshot below. Furthermore, you have multiple options as far as text-to-speech goes.

Customer Support – How To Get Your Doubts Resolved?

How would you reach out to the support staff in case you have queries regarding the functions of the PDF editing utility or license issues?

You can reach out to customer support via various channels. The interface offers a way to reach out to the customer support team. You can click on the “Support” icon located at the top right corner of the interface as shown in the screenshot below. The page that you will be directed to also consists of FAQs related to other popular MiniTool products.

You can also email your issues to [email protected] The same page also lets you chat with a representative who would help you out with download, license, or purchase issues.

Wrapping Up

MiniTool PDF Editor is a complete PDF editing and file managing tool. Whether it be creating PDF documents, annotating them or converting them to other file formats, or performing other tasks related to PDFs, MiniTool PDF Editor is a great option. Do give it a try and share your experience with us in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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