Microsoft Unveils Seamless Excel Integration in Bing Chat – Check Details

Bing Chat, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has already gained significant popularity as a chatbot, continually evolving with a growing range of capabilities. Microsoft is now introducing a seamless integration of Excel into Bing Chat to further boost your productivity.

Without much fanfare, Microsoft has ingeniously fused Excel with Bing Chat, allowing you to generate a table using AI and make real-time edits within Excel itself. It is no longer necessary to export the whole conversation and open it separately in Excel.

Microsoft’s Excel Integration Transforms Bing Chat

An exciting addition to Microsoft’s Bing Chat is its effortless integration with Excel, enabling users to modify and export data tables effortlessly. This feature is activated in Bing Chat when it’s determined to be a beneficial fit, as initially reported by Windows Latest.

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The Excel connection works well with web browsers such as Safari and Microsoft Edge. Users must continue to be logged into their Microsoft accounts to access this functionality.

Image Credit: WindowsLatest

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When the chatbot provides an answer containing a data table, users will find a “Edit in Excel” button conveniently placed in the first row of the table. By clicking on this button, the data is automatically exported to the Documents folder in OneDrive, and launches the Microsoft Excel web client for editing.

Microsoft Excel web client

Image Credit: WindowsLatest

Moreover, Microsoft is experimenting with a “Rewrite” button that empowers users to edit prompts within Bing Chat, resulting in responses crafted from the modified prompts. This function enables changes to be made to all of the earlier prompts that are kept in the Recent Activity tab. It’s important to mention that the chat history feature is currently exclusive to Microsoft Edge.

However, the option to make edits prompts in Bing Chat is available only to select users. In all likelihood, it’ll be available to more users in the coming weeks.

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Microsoft’s latest innovation in Bing Chat is a game-changer for those looking for a combination of efficiency and convenience. The seamless integration of Excel into Bing Chat not only streamlines your workflow but also elevates your productivity to new heights.

This integration frees you from the tedious task of exporting conversations and opening Excel separately. It enables you to effortlessly generate and edit data tables in real-time. The future of chatbots and data management has just become brighter, and we can only imagine the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as this integration continues to evolve.

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