Manage Your Contacts On Phone With Duplicate Contacts Fixer

It gets problematic to look for the right contact when you have several contacts saved with the same name. Texting, making calls, sharing a contact- these simple processes can confuse you if the contacts are not organized.

Over time, the contacts data from all the cellular devices we have used so far has been stored on our current device. We can see the contacts in the same name with several accounts, more than one numbers. Email and social media syncing have also contributed to the huge list of our Contacts. Deleting the contacts one by one manually is a long tiring job. To lighten the burden of managing contacts neatly, you need to get an app. Choosing an app from hundreds of apps available could be a real challenge. So, we present you with an easy solution, introducing you with Duplicate Contacts Fixer.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer

What is Duplicate Contacts Fixer?

This is an app used for managing your phone contacts in minutes by quickly detecting the duplicates. It searches for all the available contact lists along with the empty contacts. Various contacts with the same name but different content like email address, number and WhatsApp.

If you are using Android or iPhone, this app is available for both the OS. For fixing the duplicates, you can get this app from the Google Play store for the Android devices and App Store for iPhone users.

Key Features-

  • User- friendly interface
  • Organized contact list
  • Includes phone book from the device, SIM cards, Google, social media platforms.
  • Scans hundreds of contacts in seconds
  • Duplicates are shown in group
  • Allows you to Backup available
  • Capable of restoring deleted contacts

How to use it?

1. Install the app:

First, you need to get the app on your device to manage duplicates in the contact list.

Now, you are ready to use it when you open the app, it runs a quick scan for you. And now opens a tab in front of you with all the synced accounts. On the Top right corner, the Refresh button is provided to add the recently entered contacts while the app is running.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer for android

Contacts are seen as divided between phonebook of the device, SIM cards, WhatsApp, Google, Facebook etc. The process of deleting contacts can be done for each section individually which makes the contacts managed.

2. Delete Contacts:

Open the folder, and it will give you a list of all of the contacts based on the data entry. At the bottom you will see a button which says, “Find Duplicates”, click on it. You are shown how many duplicate it has detected. The contacts under the same names for the separate entries are placed together for user’s ease.

android Duplicate Contacts Fixer

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Two ways to do it:

Delete contacts all together-

The entire duplicates in this folder can be removed in one touch.

Duplicate Contacts fix

This method indicates that you are fine with deleting all the detected duplicates. A number of duplicates will appear in the bottom and tap it to remove the duplicates.

Delete contacts manually-

While with this manner we can choose which contacts out of the list is required to be kept as it is. All you have to do is scan through the list and select which contacts you choose to see the same.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer reviewUncheck the ones you would not want to remove. Now, for the rest of the duplicates, one tap deletes them from your contact list.

In the simple steps, your problem of bulk contact list filled in the phone with duplicates is now is fixed.

Why Choose Duplicate Contacts Fixer?

One Click Restore-

It’s not an irreversible process and thus makes it easy to trust the app. As you open the side panel from the Main menu, you will see Restore Deleted Contacts. This option has all your deleted contacts saved up from the different folder. You never have to worry, if you missed on unchecking a specific contact.

Allows To Create Backup

In the main Menu, under the Security section – Backup/ Restore is one of the unique features. When you tap on it, a file in the .vcf format is created and saved on your phone.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer backup

You can take a backup any time and that will be saved as a new file. Locate the files in the same folder and Share it with your friends on your mail account, WhatsApp, on cloud accounts.

Easy Import-

You can import your back-up contact files to your Phone with the help of Duplicate Contacts Fixer.

Merge contacts-

Duplicate Contacts Fixer contact detail

When you have several entries under one name it will be detected and shown in a group. You can have an email address saves in one, and phone number in another. It will allow you to combine them as one.

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Keeps Privacy intact-

One of the biggest highlights of using Duplicate Contacts Fixer is that it never saves any data of the user on its servers. This way user is relieved by this privacy policy for all of the data of scanned, backup and deleted contacts are saved on the device itself.

Now you can have an organized contact list on your phone.

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