Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps For Android

With everything being synced with Google account and endless copying and merging contacts leads to duplicate contacts on our smartphone. Searching and removing for duplicate contacts manually can be a tough task. Having a third-party app on your Android to remove duplicate contacts can be a real time and effort saver. They let you easily search for duplicate contacts which not only saves your time but also give you an organized and neat contact list.

In this post, we have listed some of the best duplicate contacts remover apps for Android, have a look!

Duplicate contacts can become a nuisance as they make the contacts list disorganized and occupy unnecessary space. Also, nothing can be more confusing and irritating than having to go through a list of similar contacts. Let’s get rid of these issues with these amazing duplicate contact remover apps for Android.

Top 7 Duplicate Contacts Remover Apps For Android

1. Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover

duplicate contact fixer

When it comes to efficiently deleting identical contacts choose undoubtedly, Duplicate Contacts Fixer that scans your address book quickly and eliminates all the duplicate contacts in a jiffy. The app not only deletes the duplicate contacts but also manages and optimizes your address book with ease. The best of all, it provides you an opportunity to create full backup of your contacts before you scan for duplicates. Therefore, if any time in future you realise you want any contact back you can quickly restore it.

Why Choose Duplicate Contacts Fixer?

  • Comes with simple yet intuitive interface.
  • You can create a backup of all your contacts before scanning.
  • Allows you to sync and restore contacts from any other device.
  • In case you have one contact entry for the same identity, Duplicate Contacts Fixer allows you to merge them into a single contact.
  • The app is very light on system resources.

2. Contacts Optimizer

Contacts Optimizer

Duplicate Contact Manager app works efficiently to delete your saved contacts with or without a name or phone numbers. The app is capable of deeply analyzing your contacts and bring it close to perfection by providing you well-organized contacts. The app allows you to edit, create and move an individual contact to different accounts.Indeed, it is an amazing duplicate contact remover for Android users that can delete duplicate contacts with ease.

Why Should You Use Duplicate Contact Manager?

  • It can delete your duplicate contacts you have on your smartphone.
  • You can edit Contacts feature with Move to account function.
  • You can delete, edit, create, select all or unselect all contacts at any time with ease just by long pressing a contact.

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3. Merge Duplicate Contacts & Cleanup by Simpler

Merge Duplicate Contacts & Cleanup by Simpler

Do you have a disorganized address book? Want to fix it in real time? If yes, then Merge Duplicate Contacts & Cleanup by Simpler is an amazing app that you should have on your Android device that can merge and clean up your contacts with one tap.

Why is Merge Duplicate Contacts Worth a Shot?

  • It finds and merges contacts with similar names in a go.
  • Capable of merging all duplicate contacts with a single touch.
  • It is available in 15 different languages including English.

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4. Duplicate Contacts Remover

Duplicate Contacts Remover

It is an incredible app that automatically detects, scans and deletes duplicate contacts. With Duplicate Contacts Remover, you can recover the deleted contacts with minimal effort. The mind-blowing functionality can back up your address book into their social cloud like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Google. Certainly, it is an incredible app that can help you to delete duplicate contacts.

Capabilities of Duplicate Contacts Remover:

  • It allows you to remove single as well as multiple contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Remover detects the duplicate contacts in your address book and deletes the duplicate copies by keeping one identical copy of contact.
  • You can transfer your contacts from one account to another. In fact, you can share or save backup file of your contact in Gmail account.

5. Contact Remover

Contact Remover

As the name suggests, Contact Remover is a simple, fast and powerful tool that lets you delete duplicate contacts and remove multiple contacts at once. It is one of the best duplicate contact cleaners that you can use without any trouble.

Advantages of Using Contact Remover on Android.

  • Contact Remover comes with easy to use interface.
  • It comes handy when you want to organize your contacts without spending your valuable time on them.
  • The app allows you to search the contacts by just typing name, company, address, or other information.

6. Duplicate Contact Manager

Duplicate Contact Manager

Duplicate Contact Manager is a fast app that helps you to deal with your duplicate contacts problems like removing and deleting duplicate contacts. It helps to delete invisible and empty contacts with a tap of your finger. And, useful in removing, identifying, and merging contacts.

Features of Duplicate Contact Manager:

  • The app highlights same phone numbers that you have stored with different names in your device.
  • You can export all your contacts details in various formats such as Txt, PDF, CSV, etc.
  • It is an easy to use application.

7. Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts

The application gives forth truly by what you would presume from its name, Duplicate Contacts – a quick and effective tool for cleaning duplicate contacts. From examining your address book to finding twin contacts to removing them in few clicks. The app does all for you!

Is Duplicate Contacts App Worth The Try?

  • It sorts all the contacts by name and number for easy identification of duplicates contacts.
  • Once the scanning process gets completed, the tool automatically selects duplicates and saves on vcf file on sd card for future restoration.

Overall, each one of the duplicate contact remover apps for Android are effective to get rid of duplicate contacts. It also comes with a lot of other capabilities like recovering storage space. So, the more you dig into them, the more you can get out of them.

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