List Of Best App Review Websites To Submit Android App Reviews

Applications are the engines of our smartphone and we keep installing and uninstalling them time to time as per our requirement. But sometimes even the most well designed and innovative applications remain undiscovered.

The app is store is loaded with more than 3 million apps. According to a survey conducted by Google 52% of app recommendations come from word of mouth publicity. This means a lot of people install apps their friends, colleagues, relatives or other people recommend. But before installing an app you should go for some app reviews. Nevertheless, sometimes even going through the app reviews on Play Store doesn’t help judge the quality and utility of a particular app.  In such situations you should go to free Android app review websites that can help you to get the real picture.

On these websites you can find detailed screenshots and some of them are equipped with the video tutorials for the app. If you are doing a small business and looking for an app promotion sites then too these websites can help you. In this article we are listing 20 such websites on which you can go through app reviews and can submit your own reviews for apps.

Best Websites To Submit Android App Reviews In 2019

1. Android Authority:

Android Authority

The first destination where you should go if you are looking for the reviews of the applications is Android Authority. Here you will find details of upcoming Android devices and news about the latest things happening to Android. The application is having specific tab for Apps and games on which you can find category wise reviews of Android apps. Though if you want to post a review on the website for your app then it may cost you.

2. Droid life:

Droid life

Another website to get second onion about an app or to know about the latest innovative applications is Droid life on this website you can look for reviews about accessories Smartphone, tablets and of course for applications. On the website homepage you will see Explore drop down in which you can find Reviews. Reviews are neatly sorted for particular apps and you will enjoy reading them. Though site may charge you to submit Android apps for review but you will get the best result.

3. Android Community:

Android community

Another best review website with neat and clean interface is Android community which offers you app reviews as well as device reviews is Android community. If you want to view the reviews on applications specifically then you will need to struggle a little bit but app news and all the updates about the app are easily accessible by clicking on Apps on the top of the website.



Android is purely for app reviews and it is a website on which you can find anything new every day. You can neatly see all the reviews with a category label at the top. On the left hand size you can find the Menu by clicking on it you can see Apps and Games so if you are intersected in games reviews then you can go through them easily.


If you are a gamer or looking for a website which can review your gaming application then Android shock will be the best website. There are well sorted categories of games such as shooter, RPG, Racing shooter etc. You can also choose to see reviews, Games News or videos about the games. You can contact website to post your review by clicking on the Contact button given at the bottom.

6. NewAppsReview:


The site is having perfect combination of games and app promotion site though you will get four or five line reviews about the application but they are enough to explain about the app. On the side bar you will see top apps which are trending and by clicking on them you will be redirected to app store to download the app. Along with this NewAppsReview is one of the best place to submit Android apps for review.

7. Android and Me:

Android and Me

The website is basically a news-based platform, but you can get a # tag for reviews tough you need to search for app reviews because Android and Me also reviews devices. You can also stay tuned with app reviews and app news by clicking on the Apps tab given at the top of the page. This makes it one of the best app review submission site.


Ask your

Ask your is worth visiting if you are looking for some new apps for your Android device. It is loaded with quality reviews on the apps with the category tag. The best thing we liked about this website is its reviews are loaded with screenshots and on the basis of many parameters, website gives its own Rating.  If, you want to have the review of your own app on the website you can Contact them by clicking Contact us button.

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The app

Interface of the website is simplistic and easy to understand with pages loading within frictions of seconds. You will see app icons and when you will click on them you will be redirected to app reviews which are also in simple language with screenshots. If you want to submit Android apps for review you will also need to give it with screenshots.

10. App review Central:

App review Central

App review central is one from those many websites which provides reviews for applications the website provides reviews on games and application. It was started from providing reviews on iOS apps but now it also provides reviews for Android apps.


From some of the most popular applications to Games and the least known apps you can find reviews for the applications of all the categories. There are broadly 3 categories for app reviews which are Latest Apps, Latest Games and Popular Apps. The website also provides its own ratings. Reviews on the website keep on updating and you will get a fair idea about the app by going through these reviews.

12. Life of Android:

Life of Android

As its name suggests,  Life of Android is a dedicated platform for Android apps reviews where you can find reviews in the form of tiles where you can find a quick review about the app and some key information. If you want to dive deep then you can click on Full review. You will be redirected to the full review of the application. You will find major highlights of the apps pros and cons on the preview page to check if the application is your cup of tea or not.



UI of Alpha looks like a basic blog site where you will find reviews looks like technical blogs on the top of the page you will find some reviews of some latest apps. Application is not dedicatedly for Android devices you will also find reviews for iPad iPhone. But categories are well sorted if you will click on a specific category you will find reviews for it.



Next in the list of free Android app review websites is Apps which is one of those website on which anyone can easily post applications for reviews. There is a button on the homepage of the website to submit app for review. Not only this if you are hungry for some new applications you can go through the app reviews for Android and iOS listed on the website.



The Website is with a dedicated button on the homepage to submit Android apps for review. On the website you will find remarkable amount of reviews for Android and iOS applications. You can pick any app review from the Platform tab where you can preview genre, overall rating, developer and the platform of the application.


Apps to

If you are looking for an app promotion site then apps to use is one of the Websites for this purpose. Apps to is loaded with quality app reviews and it is good for both Android and iPhone users. You can access the review library by clicking on the categories given at the top. Though reviews do not look like updated from a long time but they still accept apps for reviews.

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A website which is dedicated to Android lovers you can easily find Opinion for all the stuff on your Android such as for applications. Apart from the app reviews website is also having a dedicated tab for tips and tricks about Android devices which attracts viewers for the app. Get is great platform to get your app reviews because it is full of latest reviews on apps which may give you satisfactory impressions on your application.



Another website which provide reviews on both apps and devices. Here you can find reviews for both apps and devices with a moderate amount of traffic. Reviews keep updating on daily basis. This makes, one the best places to promote your app.


Androidpit is a website which is full or reviews and offers amazing deals on smartphones. The homepage of the application is full of reviews and news about gadgets and applications. Because the website also offers deals on devices it has remarkable regular visitors who are interested in Android apps and it can be one of the best app promotion site.



Android police is a well known place to find reviews on apps and games. The website minutely check all the aspects and posts healthy reviews on its website. Not only this, you can also find leaks and news about the new devices on this website. It really a good source for many users for latest news and Android thus it can be a perfect place for you to submit review of your application.

So these were 20 best Android app review websites on which you can go through app reviews. If you want to submit your own app for review some of them may ask you for money but they are actually a good source to gain publicity for your app.

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