Learn How to Sync Cortana & Microsoft To-Do Reminders with macOS

Who doesn’t like to be organized nowadays, undoubtedly everybody. Maintaining a to-do list is the first thing every organized person does. While the vintage methods included maintaining a physical diary, the world of technology has eased this by manifolds. Microsoft’s Cortana and Microsoft To-Do are two of the most used services that organizes each and every work for users.

So, if you use Microsoft To-Do and Cortana on a regular basis on your Windows PC but find it difficult to manage all the work on you Mac machine and wish to have the same reminder features on your Mac, you must definitely give this article a read.

Macs until now do not have any major services that lets you arrange your work and set reminders. Well, don’t worry Mac users can now sync Cortana & Microsoft To-Do Reminders with macOS.

Learn  How to sync Cortana & Microsoft To-Do Reminders with macOS

Continue reading the article to know how to sync Cortana & Microsoft To-Do Reminders with macOS

In the following article, we have mentioned the steps w.r.t MacBook Air 2018, but the same is applicable for macOS Mojave and upper.

Synchronization of Reminders and Tasks:

You must be wondering that synchronization of reminders and tasks in macOS must be difficult and may require additional software. On the contrary, macOS has an inbuilt feature called Exchange account that sits under System Preferences. The Exchange option can easily sync all the data of your Microsoft Account to your Mac machine. The Microsoft account is one which has all the information related to reminders and tasks.

How to Enable Synchronization:

To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Launch System Preference on your macOS by clicking on the Apple icon on top left corner of the default macOS screen.
    How to Enable Synchronization step-1
  2. From the System Preferences window look for Internet Accounts and click on it.
    How to Enable Synchronization step-2
  3. Now from the Internet Account Window, select Exchange option from the right panel.
    Enable Synchronization step-3
  4. Post this login to your Exchange account by entering the name and email id of your Microsoft Account and then click on Sign In.
    Enable Synchronization step-4
  5. Once again click on sign in option to confirm.
    Enable Synchronization step-5
  6. You will now be asked to enter the password of your Microsoft Account, enter your password and click on Sign in.
    Enable Synchronization step-6
  7. After you have signed in, lastly click on Done to finish.
    Enable Synchronization step-7
  8. Finally launch the Reminders app on macOS.
    Enable Synchronization step-8

See, it was that simple, once the syncing has been enabled, all the Microsoft To-Do and Cortana tasks and reminders can be synced to your Mac machine with the help inbuilt Reminders app on macOS.

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Is Syncing Microsoft To-Do and Cortana with macOS necessary?

Well this is totally dependent on users need. Many a times users switch from Windows to Mac but have hands on Windows software and wish to continue using them on their Mac machines. Synching Windows software to macOS software can be an easy solution for it. This article was majorly meant to educate users to learn how to sync Cortana & Microsoft To-Do Reminders with macOS so that they can manage and organize their work just the same way as they were while using Windows.

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