Track And Manage Assets With These IT Asset Management Software

Just as you plan your personal expenses and investments per your financial position, business investments are also made under similar terms. It’s just that since the latter is on a huge scale, strong backup of IT asset management software supports the whole system in a rather organized manner. Before that, we can once again make the concept of asset management clear.

What Is Asset Management?

Whatever assets a company owns in its name, be it hardware like computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles, or software licenses, their management in a most organized manner is called as IT asset management. It is obvious that manual keeping of such assets is not worth a shot, especially when you need to update it with time-lapse and change in management

What Is An Ideal Asset Management Software Like?

An inventory management software that compiles:

  • Providing capability to the company for resource planning
  • Reduce any future IT costs
  • Makes editing easier and finally depicting the correct visuals
  • Track all kinds of assets, be it physical or digital
  • Makes the asset lifecycle management easier
  • Ensures that inventory remains stocked and all the licenses are in compliance

What Are The Best Asset Management Software?

1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer

From procuring an asset to its disposal, any company can totally rely on this asset management system for letting their precious gems managed. It takes care of the software & hardware along with keeping an eye on the licenses, tracking contracts and settling just the way suits you.

It is capable of discovering and managing assets deployed in the network. Don’t worry, non-networking assets can also be easily compiled within the inventory management software.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer

Pros Cons
  • Monitor the lifecycle of assets right from the mobile through the application. (Android | iPhone)
  • Has an ability to schedule reports and deliver to the inbox.
  • It gives remote access to maintain systems even from the distance
  • Navigation over the interface is not as smooth as compared to the competitors.

Get ManageEngine AssetExplorer!

2. AssetPanda

Work smarter with AssetPanda which stands high on the list of best asset management software. The most interesting thing about this tool is the flexibility to switch between various devices through free apps, unlimited configurations, and easy integration with existing spreadsheets while customizing reports as per relevancy.


Pros Cons
  • Ideal for various organizations like healthcare, education, government, hotels, etc.
  • In-built barcode scanner to search specific items quickly.
  • It can support images, videos, voice recordings, etc.
  • Mobile apps do not support offline working mode. Hence, the internet connection is always necessary.

Get AssetPanda!

3. AssetCloud

A tool that simplifies the labels for various vendors and manages a whole robust system in no time is AssetCloud. This asset management system has been taking care of the purchase orders, maintenance schedules, and simplifying license updates since its inception. Not just software support, the company also offers hardware like barcode scanners, asset tags, and label printers.


Pros Cons
  • Robust reporting suite that includes common, pre-built reports so that a detailed summary gets presented at the front.
  • Quickly audits the results to remove inconsistencies.
  • Finds out identical or duplicate assets and remove them.
  • Cloud-based accessibility requires an active internet connection.

Get AssetCloud!

4. Snipe-IT

After trying this asset management software, you would come back to it looking at its amazing features. Snipe-IT is an open-source application that helps in managing inventory, even through own mobile phone. Plus, email alerts, auditing of assets and generating QR code labels are some of the essentials.


Pros Cons
  • Auditing, cost tracking and overall ease of use make it worthy.
  • Easy scheduling of reports along with history gets displayed.
  • Navigation is pretty easy in its user-friendly interface.
  • License compliance tracking is missing.
  • Requisition & procurement management is low.

Get Snipe-IT!

5. Pulseway

Automation of the whole business IT system from one central location is done exclusively amazing by Pulseway.  What makes this inventory management software unique is a modern and powerful interface, real-time system resources, information of logged-in users as well as data on network performance. 


Pros Cons
  • Pulseway app allows you to connect with the system, right from the phone pocket.
  • Its remote client desktop is strong and smart, even when internet is slow.
  • Smart and uncluttered UI.
  • Compatibility with many monitoring systems.
  • Network mapping options are not available.

 Get Pulseway!

To Conclude!

IT asset management software has become a new necessity within the business world that helps not only in keeping an account of present assets but also takes care of adding or removing any asset based on their lifecycle. It now gets easier to divide them all and even helps in locating the item missing.

Have you been using any of these asset management software? We would like to hear your feedback and views in the comment section below. With this, keep following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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